S.O.G MAX Otoha Karas 乙羽鴉

Having only finished watching this amazing anime series, I now understand why this figure is so sought after. Only 1 month or so after its release, it was sold out EVERYWHERE! So let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about!!


Karas (鴉) is a six-part original animation series produced by ‘Tatsunoko Production’ to commemorate its 40th anniversary of anime production. Karas was first televised in Japan from 2005, through to 2007 as a pay-per-view program before being released onto DVDs.

The story takes place in a fictional version of Shinjuku (新宿区), in Tokyo where humans and yōkai (Japanese for pirits) co-exist. In each city there is an appointed agent or guardian also know as KARAS.

S.O.G MAX Otoha KarasOver time as the world progresses, humans slowly forgot about the existence of yōkai and stopped believing that they are real so are no longer able to see them. Because of this, Eko Houshunin (鳳春院 廻向) the main antagonist and former Karas of the area seek to teach the humans a lesson for forgetting about yōkais by taking over the area.

Yousuke Otoha, a former Yakuza (Japanese mafia) becomes the new Karas of Shinjuku, and as the guardian of the area, he must stop Eko and his corrupt plans. For the rest of the story, I don’t want to spoil it for those that have not seen it so go get yourself a copy – it’s definitely worth watching!!

Name: Otoha Karas 乙羽鴉
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: S.O.G Soul of Guys
Sculptor: Kenji Ando
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Aug 2009
Original Price: ¥11,800 (approx. $155AUD / $135USD)
Secondary Market Price: $214USD – $250USD
Height: 185mm / 7.28inches


When this guy arrived, I was surprised at the size of the box as it was much bigger than I thought, see comparison with Guyver packaging. However, I wasn’t surprised at the quality of the packaging as Max Factory has not failed to deliver in this department so far. There were some nice graphics all around the box very much in keeping with the anime feel. Great pictures of the figure at the back in action as well as good clear warning and general information about the toy and company (although all in Japanese as this was made for the Japanese market). To me, the best thing about the packaging was the fact that it was very easy to take the figure out of the box (no twisty wires etc) and in the process still preserved the packaging for serious collectors!

  • Karas packaging compared to Guyver packaging
  • Karas packaging


On the accessories front, this guy is pretty well equipped. Firstly he comes with his katana (Japanese sword) that has a working sheath which can be clipped to his back. The katana also comes in the expanded form as seen in the anime which when backlit has a nice red glow in the center section. The shrunken version of the sheath is also supplied, although it sits a bit loose on my figure. There is also an extra chest piece with bigger cut outs to fully utilize the awesome shoulder articulation which I’ll get to a bit further down. The Hiei Zangetsu head for when he uses his katana in the expanded form is included as well as 3 extra sets of hands. A nice big display stand was provided although I have not taken it out of the box (as Karas stands fine on his own) so no pictures of this unfortunately!

  • Karas' katana
  • Karas' sheath shortened form
  • Karas' katana expanded form
  • Karas' extra chest piece


When you see something sculpted by Kenji Ando, you know it’s going to be very special indeed. He is responsible for the design and sculpt of Bandai’s S.I.C figure line and has done an awesome job on this Karas figure. Much like the Bio-boosted Guyver figures, Karas’ body has been covered with flexible materials which looks great and keeps the figure super articulated. Whichever direction you look at him from, he is simply stunning.

S.O.G MAX Otoha Karas front and back


Of all the 7inch figures in my collection, this would top them all in terms of articulation – yes even the SIC figures can’t keep up with this guy. Double jointed knees, elbows AND shoulders with most other joints on balls, Karas can be comfortably placed in any position that you and I can do, including crossing his legs! The only restriction I can see here is that the head doesn’t tilt back very far due to the design of the back of his head, but that’s about it so onto some poses!

  • Karas reaching for sword
  • Karas attack
  • Karas meditating
  • Karas hand to hand combat
  • Karas getting ready for kick
  • Karas expanded form


There’s quite a bit of paint applied on this figure, with some very subtle highlights, shading and weathering which all add up to a very good looking figure. There’s a “KARAS”(鴉) name badge finely printed on his chest which is very nice, and the rest, just take a look at the photos and judge for yourselves.

  • Karas 鴉 badge on chest
  • Karas' belt is nicely painted and weathered
  • Karas' shoulder armour has highlights and weathering applied
  • Karas' shoulder emblem very nicely detailed and painted
  • Karas' thighs have deep red textured skin - wash applied
  • Karas' armour has silver dry brushing applied for metalic look


I really love the head detail here, if you look closely you can see the head of a crow, it looks a bit scary but cool at the same time. I also really like the look of the eyes on the Hiei Zangetsu head, it has a nice blood red colour and really shines under certain lighting.

  • Karas' head has a crow
  • Karas' double shoulder joint

This is the double shoulder joint that I was talking about earlier, as you can see, the joints go further into the chest than most figures and really allows Karas to have maximum arm movement, hence the need for the extra chest piece.


All throughout this review, I didn’t mention the price (except for the top info section) because I really wanted to review the figure for what it is and not to be biased because of how much it costs. As you can see, and I think you’ll all agree with me, this is one very well designed action figure, and I would go as far as calling it a piece of art – a well articulated fun piece of art!

But, at some point you’ve got to come back to reality and this is when you have to start considering the price. At a RRP of ¥11,800, this ain’t cheap, but it still managed to sell out everywhere within the first month or two, and now late comers will have to consider an absurd secondary market price for this figure.

I think this will become a very valuable collector’s item in the near future, especially if there are no plans for re-releases. Depending on how you look at it, it could be a great investment, or a very expensive purchase.

Just a bit of extra info, the Limited Edition Karas Regeneration Ver. RRP at ¥12,000 have sold for around ¥36,000/ $460AUD/ $400USD on auctions, which is 3 times their initial price! Good luck if you’re in the market for one, I think I’ll stick with my regular version:)

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    hello there! it is a really awesome creation! how can i have one? and what are the payment options if any? thanks and you rocks!!!

    • hey Ryan, thanks for visiting my site, I’m glad you liked the review!

      I’ve sent you an email!:)

    Does anyone know where i can buy a Karas from

    • Hi Maurice,

      Unfortunately they are very rare now and the secondary market price have sky rocketed!! My best advice is to keep an eye out on eBay and wait for a collector to sell theirs.

    • I was lucky enough to get the last stock from ToysLogic, priced at USD 170.. and that was just a week ago..

      Felt VERY lucky for that; even in Japan the remaining few Karas are being sold for JPY 24,000 (about USD 260)..

    • Evanrue, thats lucky! I’d love to get my hands on another as well:P

      Just checked ToysLogic, sold out..damn..:( I’ve also contacted my suppliers in Japan, no luck at all….

    • Hi Maurice, I just got my hands on one this week! The Seller still has one left. You can visit the below link if you want. There is no option for international delivery, however i suggest you get in ouch with the seller to see whether it is possible! The price is around 315US$ without delivery. I have also noted another figure that is posted for bidding on ebay yesterday! Good luck!


    i grabbed the last one at ToysLogic; checked again right after the purchase and sure enough, it was already sold out.. count my blessings for that :)

    TokyouHunter quoted me the JPY 24,000 pricepoint he found at a shop in Japan, he can help to purchase it, but buyer must pay for the shipping cost as well.. desperate as i was back then, the price was just too high. Googled up Karas and stumbled on ToysLogic with their last piece :)

    • Very lucky indeed, I’ve never ever heard of ToysLogic to be honest:P

      I agree, JPY24,000 is excessive for a toy, I wish they’d make more of this guy! I’m also on the look out for a Regenerate Ver. ah…one can dream~XD

    • before toyslogic, i tried this second-hand online shop called lihobbytoys, and the person in charge has both the original (for USD 90) and regenerate (for USD 110) version, but without boxes, weapons and accessories (not even the spikes).. the figures look good, but they feel “naked” without the accessories..

    • Just emailed them, thanks for the info! Fingers crossed!

    • no prob bro :) hope they still have them..

    • Ah, I just noticed the date on your post, I was actually a few days behind you. ToysLogic showed up on google, but the item was no longer available. To think I missed it by a few days. You were super lucky!

    Hey there!
    I’ve trying to get one for some time now, do you have a lead where i can find one?

    • Hey Basel,

      The best advice I think is to keep looking on places like eBay, Amazon etc where people may sell from their own collection. Prices are high though, I’ve seen them go for as much as JPY44,000 (approx $450USD) and that is IF you can find one.

      Unfortunately this is a very sought after figure and not many people are willing to let theirs go:(

      Good luck to you and happy hunting!:)

    Hey guys,…I have one and am willing to let it go for the Marvel 1/6 Iron man OR War machine

    Thank you.
    Fellow toy lover.

    Really is a good piece…

    • Hi Blaine,

      I emailed you last night, I’ve got the Marvel select War Machine and Iron Man MKVI.

      Let me know if you’re interested:)

    • im want to buy your Karas or trade it with something you like?

    I will also consider, letting it go for all three Marvel select action figures!
    War Machine, Mark IV and Mark VI

    Please tell your friends..
    PS. This one is mint

  • Just received mine from ToysLogic.. brand new :) One thing of note is how fluid the articulation points are; not too loose, and not too tight either, except the torso joint (a bit loose, but does not affect the figure in any way)..

    The materials, articulations, paint apps are all top notch! :) kudos to Max Factory for a superb figure. Only thing is the price; getting it for about USD150 to USD200 would justify its limited run status; any higher and it’s kind of overkill (1/6th scale Hot Toys price range for a 1/8 or 1/10 scale figure is a bit too much)..

    • yes that is one of the things I absolutely love on this figure, the fluidity of the joints. Unlike some SIC figures where the joints are either too tight or too loose, this one is perfect!

    yes,…that is absolutely right,….I keep finding these “special” toys @ godforsaken little toy shops in th middle of nowhere and yet,….they are absolutely fantastic!..came across mine (Kens’)in Amsterdam,…miles away from home…on my crusade for the “ultimate action figure”. loved it,…have a weak spot for armour or battle suits and had a hard time letting mine go. but,…it will make me a better man….(sob)…lo

    Will or want to review my Vampire hunter D by Epoch soon so,….hold on..!!!

    Your fellow toy lover

    • hehe yes it will make you a better man:P and will make me a happy man:) will be posting your stuff tomorrow I promise!!

      I’d love to read your review on your Vampire hunter D, guest review?:P

    • Hey blaine, I will definetly trade you the Marvel select Iron Man and war machine, if you still have the karas figure.

      my email is black_luster_soldier03@hotmail.com

      hope to hear from you soon

    Hey K!….received a wonderful package in the post today! Have you received yours yet?!

    • Hey B, havn’t checked the post box but I’m sure it will arrive sometime this week! I’m glad you’re happy! Hows your studies?:P

    I got a Brand New limited Edition Karas Regenerate Ver. for sale anyone interested ?

    • What is the price you are looking for? Do you wish to trade it with something?

    • How many do you have? How much would you sell it for? I’m willing to pay anything not too too excessive.

    • would you trade regenerate karas for regular karas?

    What is the price?

  • tariq

    i have a regular version karas. are you interested in trading Regen. for it?
    how much do you want for regen. ver. karas?

    • Are you willing to sell your Karas? How much?

    • i had two Regenerate Ver. one i sold last week for 550? and one i still have also Brand New Never Opened i was thinking about keeping it until i get my hand on the regular Ver. to complete my Set. but i still want to have the Regular how much would you sell it?
      And whats the condition is it opened, used, displayed, Sealed & MIB?


    sorry dude, i’m thinking of trading it. i got it from a guy in cali selling it for 320 usd. i’m not sellng it for any less. it really is a great piece

  • sorry guys, comments cleaned on request. Thanks for visiting:)

    • hi, i noticed you cleaned tariq’s posts. the reason why he asked you to was because i won his karas off of ebay for 458 USD and paid for it and apparently, he sold it off after he took my money to someone for 550 USD and lied to me saying it was smashed in a car accident. I caught him posting it for sale here and posted under the alias Maximus. I am zoidster08 on ebay. You can see i won the bid if you check, 3 days before he posted it for sale here. He’s al-nimer. I paid almost two days before he posted it as well. Can you repost his comments so i can have proof for ebay and paypal? I really need your help. Please. He still has my money and all i want is my Karas that i paid for. This is not a joke. I have proof. If this happened to any of you, i’m sure you would probably do the same.

    • hi maximus, i’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, the best thing is for you to submit a dispute on ebay. If you have paid for the item, and he has no proof that he sent you the item, you should be able to get your money back, I’m sure he will have no problems giving you a refund if he does not have the item anymore.

    • maximus, i have put his posts back up, but deleted is email address as he has been getting spammed by others regarding his figures, I hope this helps.

      we’re all fans of toys here, don’t let something thats supposed to make you happy into something to squabble over…..take it easy guys~

    thanks for helping me. i am hoping he will give me his karas to keep his integrity.

    • I hope you guys resolve it soon, in a peaceful way…take it easy:)

    Maximus wrote: [hi, i noticed you cleaned tariq’s posts. the reason why he asked you to was because i won his karas off of ebay for 458 USD and paid for it and apparently, he sold it off after he took my money to someone for 550 USD and lied to me saying it was smashed in a car accident. I caught him posting it for sale here and posted under the alias Maximus. I am zoidster08 on ebay. You can see i won the bid if you check, 3 days before he posted it for sale here. He’s al-nimer. I paid almost two days before he posted it as well. Can you repost his comments so i can have proof for ebay and paypal? I really need your help. Please. He still has my money and all i want is my Karas that i paid for. This is not a joke. I have proof. If this happened to any of you, i’m sure you would probably do the same.]

    Maximus, I am sorry to hear about what happened. That’s really low. Tariq is it? At least a few of us here can feel your pain I’m sure. It is nice to know there are such toy lovers out there that can share your passion. I hope you get the figure from him (he should give you what you paid for since he does have one) or someday.

    I am still looking for a regenerate if anyone has one stashed away. I’ll pay handsomely for it, whatever it takes. <(^_^)

    My email is RinRin0083@gmail.com

  • Hi Akira

    you left me speechless Maximus AKA zoidster08 or Rin, please mension that i offerd you the full refund since day one and i asked you in the same time to give me a Negative feedback willingly that i was asking for not to give me a Positive one please confirm this to the others and Akira also, its not about saving face anymore i was talking to you few hours ago thinking i should do my best to send you my personal figure…

    tell them that i also sent you a request to cancel the item from paypal and eBay in the same time so i can refund you in full.

    and tell them also that i told you about asking 7 people for a new Regenrate Ver. Sealed if possible from 7 Sellers around the world one of them is Akira for you not for me “Akira can confirm that story”

    check your paypal as soon as you see this because im affraid this deal is over but still im sad to tell you that i got my hand on another Karas Regenerate from a person that told me he saw the this story and told me “i will get you a Karas to solve your problem” but after i confirmed this????!@!!!!!!!!


  • I’m the one who is speechless. I never posted on this blog as anyone other than maximus, and I don’t appreciate you accusing me of being someone I am not. I am maximus and I used maximus to confirm my suspicions of what actually happened to my Karas I bought from you. I wouldn’t have gotten the truth writing as zoidster08. I was suspicious since the 9th and that was my reason for declining the refund and I told you so by email. You kept insisting I take the refund because THERE WAS NO damaged figure and NO proof of the accident because you didn’t have Karas anymore (AND STILL NO PROOF). You sold it three days after I won the bid, and two days after my payment of 458 USD for 550 USD, 92 USD more than my bid including shipping. I didn’t want to give you negative feedback like you asked me to because part of me wanted to trust you and work with you. I gave you negative feedback only after you didn’t answer my calls, took the comments off of this blog, and an eBay rep told me to leave feedback to make my case. I had thought you decided to not respond to me anymore and all negotiations were off. I had been on the phone with you everyday prior at work trying to work with you because the figure meant that much to me. You deceived me the whole time with lies starting with the price you bought your figure for. You got it for 195 USD not nearly 300 like you said. I knew from the video you posted who you had bought it from. I even offered you more money because I knew you needed it for the convention AND you can sound so sincere. I never wanted the refund because I gave up that 458 USD for Karas and you didn’t even give me a chance to take what was mine. I won that bid honestly and you didn’t fulfill your obligation as a seller. Yet this morning you made me really happy after 5 full days of not responding when you text me this morning after I called you (I am confirming you said you had people looking for Karas today). I don’t understand why you did this without even asking me first and now because of someone else, from my position, I lost my chance of getting a Regenerate. And please confirm to me how on June 9th you still had two figures when apparently one was already sold to me “and smashed in an accident.” And from now on please post any response to my personal email, so as to not make this blog any more negative than it’s become. My apologies to everyone.

  • Hi Guys! I just got my hands on one Karas last week! The Seller still has one left in stock. You can visit the below link if you are interested (www.souq.com). The website does not have an option for international delivery, however i suggest you get in touch with the seller to see whether it is possible! The price is around 315US$ without delivery. I have also noted another figure that is posted for sale on ebay for 411US$! Good luck!




  • Hi guys is it possible for anyone to help me locate S.O.G MAX Otoha Karas: Regenerate Ver please, I have put the word out to other sites for help, it would be much appreciated!


    • Hi there I have one in ment condition, it’s never been opened or taken out from the box as recieved day one? Please email me if you like to talk more

    • Yes I would like to discuss more of this please, my pm is bashman2us@yahoo.com

    • Could you give me your email please

    • Sorry I put in my real name by mistake

    I have one Karas, and will up the item today in ebay
    i will start it from 300us$, and the shipping will absolutely only via EMS !! I will check it tomorrow via post office
    and I dont get profit from shipping, I will give shipping as the state and dont forget, the shipping will be plus the insurance I must paid as the item price, and if anyone interested, please notice that
    Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

  • in case there someone intersted,
    I gave the link

    thank you

  • Hi guys
    Anyone knows where i can find one regenerate version?

    • If you like I have one brand new selling it for $1200 usd and there someone I know who has an open one for $750 usd

    • feel free to put photos up on my facebook page if you want to sell the figures – https://www.facebook.com/toyboxcollection

    It’s been a very long time my friend, hope all is well. I finally got my hand on one of these as gift from a friend of mind as a bday gift. Everything you said is soon true.

    • Hey man, glad you finally got him! How good is he…I still think he is one of the best 7″ action figures ever made, even after more than 7 years after the release!

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