Kiwami Damashii Golden Knight GARO


Garo is a Japanese Tokusatsu TV series which lasted 25 episodes. The show revolves around the central character Kouga Saezima, who holds the title of Makai Knight and protects humanity against demonic manifestations called “Horrors”.


Name: Golden Knight Garo
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Kiwami Damashii
Designer: Keita Amemiya
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Nov 2010
Original Price: ¥1,600 (approx. $18.50AUD / $19.80USD)
Height: 120mm / 4.72inches


I love the fact that even with a relatively cheap toy line Bandai still puts a lot of design and thought into the packaging. The graphics is really nice and ties in well with the feel of the TV series, the packaging itself is also resealable.

  • Kiwami Damashii GARO packaging front
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO packaging back


Garo comes with only two accessories, a sword and cape – not counting the spare hands. The sword is very well detailed and painted as is with the cape. However the cap is made from the same rigid material as the rest of the toy, not soft and flexible at all as would have been expected.

  • Kiwami Damashii GARO's sword
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO's cape


For such a small figure, it is amazing detailed. Overall the proportions are great except for the slightly long looking neck. Most of the armour details are quite sharp, although there are some bits that seem “blurry”, as can be expected with a small scale toy like this. Overall very impressed.

Kiwami Damashii Golden Knight GARO


Again, the amount of articulation on this toy was unexpected in something so small. I counted in total 16 points of articulation with a double jointed knee however it does leave a bit to be desired. For example, the toy would have been heaps better if the neck could tilt, and if there was an extra swivel joint in the arms (biceps). Still, it’s pretty good as it is.

  • Kiwami Damashii GARO ready for a fight
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO kneeling
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO summoning power!
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO defense mode
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO calling for a challenge
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO fly kick!


The paint scheme for this character is pretty simple. Basically the whole figure is painted in gold with silver trim and given a pretty heavy wash of black ink. This effect works quite well I think, although some places are a bit over done. There are coloured details on the toy including the eyes, belt buckle, hilt of the sword and the gem on the chest and these contrasts really well with the rest of the paint scheme.

  • Kiwami Damashii GARO head paint detail
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO waist paint detail
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO sword hilt paint detail
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO back of the head paint detail
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO thigh paint detail
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO cape paint detail


A few size comparison photos with other toys to give you an idea of the size of this toy. First up is Garo compared to the 1/20 scale Hot Toys Snap Kit Appleseed Ex Machina toys, size wise Garo is taller than Deunan but slightly shorter than Briareos. I’d say they are pretty much the same scale. Next up is Garo compared to S.H.Figuarts CycloneJoker, much smaller.

  • Kiwami Damashii GARO vs Hot Toys Appleseed Snap Kit figures
  • Kiwami Damashii GARO vs S.H.Figuarts CycloneJoker figure


I quite like this toy, even though I stopped watching the TV series after about 5 episodes. The character design is great and this toy is a good representation. For the price, it is a reasonable toy and it does fit in nicely with the 3.75” toys from other toy lines.

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