Maketoys Battle Tanker Series MT-04 Nemesis


Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis

Name: MT-04 Nemesis
Series: Crystal City Chronicle
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Battle Tanker Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: Feb 2015
Original Price: $139.99USD
Height: 175mm / 6.89inches


Nemesis comes in the same long style packaging as HyperNovae, unfortunately the boxes are not the same length so they don’t stack perfectly together. This obviously ins’t due to a lack of design on Maketoy’s part, it just so happens that Nemesis’ trailer is longer than HyperNovae’s trailer. In terms of execution, the packaging gets the same metallic foil treatment for the name, but in Nemesis’ colors and the majority of the box is black which suits the character nicely. Construction of the box is okay, but in my opinion they could have chosen a slightly thicker card stock.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis packaging front
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis packaging back
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis packaging
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis packaging inside


Nemesis comes with a pistol cum dagger, sword, two little spikey bits which I’ve not found the use for, and two double barrel guns that are part of the trailer’s weaponry. The pistol cum dagger weapon only really works with the unarmored Nemesis, as the handles are not long enough to fit into the armored fists from the bottom. The pegs for the double barrel guns do fit the standard 5mm hole on the hands but it is a bit tight, so I wouldn’t recommend prolonged posing with these guns in the hands as it may stretch the peg holes.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with pistol dagger
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with sword
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis two spikey bits
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with double barrel guns


In the unarmored form Nemesis looks a bit weak and the proportions are not great. Almost looks as if the head is too big for the body, which is fine as I don’t plan to display him this way, I’m sure most people who own him won’t either. The materials used on Nemesis is again the same as those found on other Maketoy releases, it feels very solid and high quality.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis front view
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis rear view

ALT MODE: In alt mode Nemesis looks bad ass. I love the red and black combination, really gives it a sinister look. The wheels unfortunately are not rubber, and I did find it difficult to get all 6 wheels of the truck to contact the ground at the same time and roll properly. Individually though, each wheel spins fine. With the trailer attached it looks cohesive and honestly quite good, although I find it odd that the design of the trailer wheels do not match the truck wheels.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode front
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode back
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode with trailer side view
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode with trailer front view
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode with trailer rear view
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis alt mode with trailer rear view


In the basic form Nemesis has really good articulation, nothing is hindered so you can get some really dynamic poses out of him. All the joints in the upper body are friction joints, as a result I did find that the left elbow was starting to get loose.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis in base form
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis fight
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis shoot
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis takes down Optimus

Once the armored parts go on there is a bit of restriction to some joint. The shoulder is now fully covered and can longer swing all the way around or the arm raised about the head. The waist armor doesn’t hinder movement but I keep pushing it with my fingers as that’s the area where I tend to grab the figure from. Because of this the waist armor do pop off from time to time. With the larger feet parts now attached the figure is very good at balancing, the only downside is that it’s unable to go into a kneeling pose.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis armored
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis sword attack
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis kick
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis can't quite kneel

Once the Battle Tanker parts are on, you’re pretty much stuck with a massive lump of plastic that doesn’t really move much. You can move the arms up and down a bit but that’s pretty much it. It does look absolutely formidable though.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis fully weaponized
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis fully weaponized

Straight out of the box the cape is very clean and straight, which looks very odd indeed. But if you want to keep it mint then you shouldn’t do the next step.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with brand new cape
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with brand new cape and sword storage

The material feels like thick felt, quite course to the touch. Once you crumple it up it becomes much more natural looking, and due to the thickness it holds shapes quite well. I recon this looks amazing, but obviously articulation is even more hindered. You can still do some nice posing but it will take a bit more work.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with crumpled cape
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis with crumpled cape back
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis going for the kill
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis ready to strike


Like with all of their previous releases, the paint job is simply top notch. It’s very tidy and the paint scheme is just beautiful to look at.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis head paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis body paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis shoulder paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis wheels paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis chest paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis leg paint detail


In terms of size Nemesis is obviously going to be exactly the same as HyperNovae as they share the same mold. I found that Nemesis scales really nicely with FOC Optimus Prime, which is nice if you collect mainly the Maketoys scale combiners and FOC toys from the CHUG lines, like me! Nemesis looks tiny when compared to another of Maketoy’s release from the Mobine series, MB01C Chaos.

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis vs MT-03 HyperNovae
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis vs FOC Optimus Prime
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis vs MB01C Chaos
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis vs Stormtrooper

When fully armored up he’s at least a head taller than FOC Optimus Prime, and doesn’t look as puny next to MB01C Chaos anymore. Even though he is still much shorter than MB01C Chaos, his bulk really give Nemesis a great presence on the shelf. And yes, those are real metal chains!

  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis armored vs Armored HyperNovae
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis armored vs FOC Optimus Prime
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis vs MB01C Chaos
  • Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis armored vs Stormtrooper


I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Maketoys fanboy so I love most of what they release. Maketoys make really exquisite toys with clever engineering for transformation and good quality materials for a solid build. They have lots of nice sculptural and paint detail, and you can see just how much care and attention they put into each product. Nemesis is no exception, this thing looks nuts, I love it and I can’t wait to see what they release next!

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