Maketoys Mobine Series MB01C Paladin / Chaos


The long anticipated Maketoys Paladin / Chaos set is finally here, based on the Dreamwave Generation 1 comics The Fallen.

Maketoys Paladin / Chaos

Name: Paladin / Chaos
Series: Crystal City Chronicle
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Mobine Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS
Release: June 2013
Original Price: ¥8,400JPY
Height: 200mm / 7.87inches


As soon as I laid eyes on the packaging I was already impressed. The layout is unconventionally long and flat which I really like and the artwork on the box is very dynamic and full of excitement. Inside the contents are stored securely in plastic trays.

  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos packaging front
  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos packaging back
  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos packaging
  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos packaging inside


Apart from the bits which combine to form Chaos, he comes with two swords which combine to form Chao’s larger sword, two mini-gun barrels and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet is nicely printed and although there are no comics included it does have a back story (in Japanese) for Paladin and Chaos, and what looks like a sneak preview of a future release.

The swords clip together fine, but in the split form they don’t peg into Paladin’s hands properly for some reason so they kinda just dangle . When combined, they fit fine into Chao’s hands.

  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos with swords
  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos with swords combined


ROBOT MODE: Paladin in robot mode looks very chunky, because he is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bulky armoured look but it does get in the way of articulation. With the tank turrets hanging off the back he should be back heavy but luckily the barrels actually touch the ground and assist in holding the figure upright. The plastic feels very much the same as Giant, which is to say it is of good quality.

Maketoys Paladin

When combined into Chaos, he looks even better. There is a dark aura about this figure with a face that means business, I absolutely love it. The isn’t any back kibble to speak of really apart form Paladin’s arms which do get in the way of the shoulders slightly. The only other thing letting it down is that it doesn’t feel as solid as I had hoped, there is a bit of play in each of the joints, just a little bit but it all adds up and makes the figure slightly wobbly. This is just a small nitpick, overall I’m very impressed.

Maketoys Chaos

ALT MODE: Paladin in alt mode is a tank which looks fairly decent. The turret can swivel up and down but does not rotate. There are no wheels on the tank treads so it can’t roll along the ground.

  • Maketoys Paladin alt mode front
  • Maketoys Paladin alt mode back

The Mobine part of the set (I think that’s what you call it) also re-combines into a Tank. I didn’t call it transformer because it really doesn’t, all the parts simply clip together in a different configuration to form this alt mode. Again the missile pods can swivel up and down but do not rotate, and there are no wheels so it also does not roll on the ground.

  • Maketoys Mobine alt mode front
  • Maketoys Mobine alt mode front
  • Maketoys Paladin and Mobine in tank mode
  • Maketoys Paladin and Mobine in tank mode


As I mentioned earlier, Paladin is fairly chunky in robot mode and a lot of the chunk gets in the way of movement. He does have all the rights joints but most if not all are hindered in one way or another. Not to worry as I’m sure most people will not be displaying this toy in this form.

  • Maketoys Paladin in running pose
  • Maketoys Paladin side kicking

However as soon as this guy turns into Chaos it’s a whole different story. Immediately all the limbs seem to free up and movement is greatly enhanced. Head is on a ball joint, shoulders lift and rotate, biceps swivel, elbows ratcheted, wrists rotate, waist rotates, hips ratcheted, thighs swivel, knees bend and the ankles are ball jointed. As you can see you can pull off some really dynamic and awesome looking poses.

  • Maketoys Chaos ready for battle
  • Maketoys Chaos slash!
  • Maketoys Chaos attack
  • Maketoys Chaos double turrets attack
  • Maketoys Chaos double sword attack


Overall paint quality is very good as we’ve seen on Maketoy’s previous releases. The paint app is very clean and crisp although I have to say I was hoping the orange would be brighter, especially the parts molded in orange. The plastic in general is well textured, and feels very high quality.

  • Maketoys Chaos head paint detail
  • Maketoys Paladin head paint detail
  • Maketoys Chaos hip paint detail
  • Maketoys Chaos legs paint detail


This is a fun play set and there are a few things you can do with it. Firstly there are hidden 5mm handles in the feet parts, which turn them into shields. The lower leg parts can turn into a big gun for Paladin with the attachment of the mini-gun barrel.

  • Maketoys Paladin using the feet as a shield
  • Maketoys Paladin with lower leg gun

When not in use, you can store the mini-gun barrel in the built in compartments of the lower legs. In the forearms, there is a hidden gimmick with a fold out mini-gun.

  • Maketoys Paladin / Chaos lower leg mini-gun storage
  • Maketoys Chaos with hidden mini-gun in forearms

Because all the joint uses the same type connector, you can mix and match and make some crazy creations, or simply swap the arms and leg parts around to make a muscular Chaos! One downside to this is I have noticed some of the connectors starting to become loose, so I would advice against constantly taking it apart.

  • Maketoys Paladin with add-ons!
  • Maketoys Muscular Chaos

Lastly lets have a look at scale. Paladin is about the same size as individual members of the Giant team, but when combined into Chaos he reaches over half the size of Giant. Chaos looks to be about the perfect Classics size as he towers over Bumblebee.

  • Maketoys Paladin vs Maketoys Giant
  • Maketoys Chaos vs Maektoys Giant
  • Maketoys Chaos vs Classics Bumblebee
  • Maketoys Chaos vs 3.75'' Stormtrooper


With so much anticipation and such high expectations, this toy has a lot to live up to. I am happy to report that it meets all of my expectations if not more. Once you have this guy in hand it’s even more impressive than seeing images of it online, I just want to constantly pick it up and play with it.

Maketoys have done it again, they are among one of my favourite 3rd party companies and I highly recommend this toy. I do have to reiterate the fact that the joints do become loose so best not to keep taking it apart. Other than that, enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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    I got mine yesterday, really like it. I finished all the transformations and combo’s today. Its very cool and looks a bit like Fort Max but makes a great Decepticon in my collection. Great work on him.

    Some joints were still while others were lose. I think for collectors like myself who are looking to display this is a real treat. Good size as well.

    • I totally agree with you Chris, love this guy and looks great with my Decepticons!

    This is a most excellent review format. I love your pictures and scale comparisons. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews if you maintain this format.

    • Hi Cocasmooth, thanks for visiting. I’m glad you liked the review. Yes this is my usual format for all my reviews but lately I’ve been quite busy with work so haven’t had a chance to do any new ones, but I’ve got a few lined up already as soon as I get a chance!:)

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