Maketoys Mobile Crane & Dump Truck


Mobile Crane & Dump Truck are released together as the 2nd set of 3 from Maketoys to form Giant – the Devastator tribute combiner. Mobile Crane is designed and modelled after the Constructicon member “Hook” who forms the head and upper torso of Devastator, while Dump Truck is modelled after “Long Haul” who forms the lower torso and thighs.

  • Maketoys Mobile Crane
  • Maketoys Dump Truck

Name: Mobile Crane & Dump Truck
Series: Crystal City Chronicle
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Giant Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS
Release: Apr 2012
Original Price: $129USD
Height: 155mm / 6.10inches | 140mm / 5.51inches


The box design carries over from the first set with nice comic style drawings of the characters as well as photos of the individual members on the back. The box for this set is slightly deeper than Bulldozer & Excavator, but the width and height remain the same for easy storage together. A backing card with illustrations of Mobile Crane & Dump truck is included.

  • Maketoys Mobile Crane & Dump Truck packaging front
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane & Dump Truck packaging back
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane & Dump Truck packaging inside
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane & Dump Truck packaging backing card


One gun is included in this set, which can be pulled apart to make two smaller pistols. The larger of the two pistols has a swivelling handle, which will form half of the handle for Giant’s gun when combined with others guns from set A and C. The guns can be stored on Mobile Crane and Dump Truck in vehicle mode with small tabs on the side.

  • Maketoys Dump Truck holding gun
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane holding two pistols
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane with pistol attached in alt mode
  • Maketoys Dump Truck with pistol attached in alt mode


Robot Mode: Mobile Crane takes after the G1 design of Hook quite closely and I think it looks great although I would have preferred his head to be black rather than coloured. Another point of difference is that his crane arm is now firmly attached to his left arm instead of the back which can be quite cumbersome in some poses. Other than that, he looks great!

Maketoys Mobile Crane

Alt Mode: In his alt mode, the crane looks very convincing although the styling is slightly futuristic in some areas which I don’t mind personally. For Mobile Crane, this is my preferred mode for him out of the two.

  • Maketoys Mobile Crane alt mode front
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane alt mode back

Robot Mode: Unlike his G1 counterpart which Dump Truck is based on, the truck tray folds up to form his arms rather than his legs and the upper torso has done a 180 flip so that the front of the truck is now his back and vice versa. This is a radical redesign but works rather well and making him seem strong and formidable. Both figures are made from good quality plastic in matt finish which look superb even compared to official licensed toys. One comment I’d make on Dump Truck is that in his robot mode there are quite a few exposed screws which detracts from it’s overall design, I would have chosen perhaps a hex head screw to match his tough and bulky build.

Maketoys Dump Truck

Alt Mode: Vehicle mode has been modernized with a shorter nose which looks very nice. He has massive fat tires with great detail even in the tire threads. I really like both of Dump Truck’s mode, hard to pick a favourite.

  • Maketoys Dump Truck alt mode front
  • Maketoys Dump Truck alt mode back


Both of these guys have a really good range of articulation. Both of them have ball jointed shoulders, double jointed elbows and even thigh swivel joints. Being the lower torso and thighs of Giant, Dump Truck also features a ratchet waist joint, ratchet hip joints and ratchet knee joints. the only let down is the restrictive head joint which stops Dump truck from being able to look up.

  • Maketoys Mobile Crane blasting enemies to hell
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane taking a swing with his crane!
  • Maketoys Dump Truck sneaking around
  • Maketoys Dump Truck side kick!
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane and Dump Truck team attack!
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane and Dump Truck flaunting their goods


The high standard of paint app continues on from Set A, everything is neat and tidy with added print detail for realism. I did find that the colour matching of the yellow on the wheels was not quit spot on with the body colour, it’s minor but it could have been better. The chrome plating on the large pistons were also not very even, again a minor detail but could have been much better.

  • Maketoys Dump Truck head paint detail
  • Maketoys Dump Truck shoulder paint and print detail
  • Maketoys Dump Truck wheel paint detail
  • Maketoys Dump Truck grill paint detail
  • Maketoys Dump Truck piston chrome plating detail
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane head paint detail
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane arm paint and print detail
  • Maketoys Mobile Crane hook paint detail


I know that a lot of people will notice that the height of the Maketoys Giant series figures in robot mode are of different heights and won’t be happy with this and yes they’d be right as Mobile Crane is taller by a whole head while Dump Truck is almost shorter by a whole head when compared to Bulldozer and Excavator. But considering the amount of engineering and design that have gone into these fabulous toys individually, I really couldn’t care less. In alt mode, there’s really not much else to say except – stunning!

  • Maketoys Bulldozer, Mobile Crane, Dump Truck and Excavator in robot mode
  • Maketoys Bulldozer, Mobile Crane, Dump Truck and Excavator in alt mode


We’re almost at there, 2 out of the 3 sets have been reviewed and so far it is looking very good indeed. Both Mobile Crane and Dump Truck have been designed meticulously to work well in both robot and vehicle mode. I highly recommend this line to anyone who is still sitting on the fence, don’t wait too long as it may already be too late…hopefully not!

Thanks for reading!

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