Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator


Bulldozer and Excavator are a tribute to the Transformers Constructicon members “Bonecrusher” and “Scavenger” who form the left and right arms of Devastator respectively when combined. These toys are unofficial and unlicensed, made by a 3rd party custom TF company called “Maketoys” who design and produce unlicensed Transformers toys. Maketoys is a spin-off company of FansProject, another popular 3rd party custom TF company, so they have plenty of experience as can be see from the quality of their products.

  • Maketoys Bulldozer
  • Maketoys Excavator

Name: Bulldozer & Excavator
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Giant Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS
Release: Mar 2012
Original Price: ¥10,500 (approx. $124AUD / $129USD)
Height: 150mm / 5.90inches | 145mm / 5.70inches


Bulldozer and Excavator are sold as a set of two, as will the rest of the Yellow Giant series, and the packaging is simple but effective. The compact size makes it easy to ship and store being packed in the alt vehicle modes. The box art is also very nice with manga style drawings of both characters on either side of the box as well as nice photos of the actual toys depicted in both modes. I love the extra backing card included with the toys.

  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging front
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging back
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging right side
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging left side
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging inside
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator packaging backing card


Included with the figures is a cannon that can be slip into two and clips into either figure in both robot and alt modes. I imagine this will also form part of Giant’s gun when combined with weapons from other sets. Even more importantly, being the left and right arm of Giant, the forearms are also included in this set. Giant’s hands are stored inside the forearms in the alt mode and will be able to be towed by Wheel Loader and Mixer when they arrive.

  • Maketoys Excavator with gun attached
  • Maketoys Bulldozer with gun attached
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator with guns attached in alt mode
  • Maketoys Giant's forearms


Robot Mode: Maketoys have done a great job with their homage to the Transformers G2 Bonecrusher and Scavenger. Most of the distinguishing features of these characters are present with a modern twist. Transformation is also straight forward and intuitive with really good designs in both modes. I have to say though, Bulldozer looks quite righteous, especially his head design which really doesn’t make him feel like a decepticon to me.

Maketoys Bulldozer

Alt Mode: In alt mode, Bulldozer looks really nice. The proportions and design of the vehicle is very convincing.

  • Maketoys Bulldozer alt mode front
  • Maketoys Bulldozer alt mode back

Robot Mode: Excavator has more of a Decepticon feel in design which could be due to his eyes being red rather than blue and out of the two I’d have to say I favour him over Bulldozer in robot mode. Both of these toys feel solid with good quality plastics used.

Maketoys Excavator

Alt Mode: Again in alt mode, the design of Excavator as an excavator is very convincing and you can hardly tell if the design of one mode was compromised for the other, as is the case with a lot of Transformer toys.

  • Maketoys Excavator alt mode front
  • Maketoys Excavator alt mode back


The articulation of both of these toys is pretty decent. All the limbs have a good range of movement as they also serve the purpose of transforming to the alt modes. Bulldozer and Excavator shares the exact same lower body designs which I think has one slight flaw, being that the heel of the foot is slightly too short which tends to make them lean back too far.

  • Maketoys Bulldozer aims
  • Maketoys Bulldozer ready to pounce and destroy!
  • Maketoys Excavator aims
  • Maketoys Excavator side kick!
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator destroying things!
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator looking suave


Both figures feature a lot of nice paint detail, not only that the paint app is very tidy and consistent throughout. Maketoys has also added print detail to make the toys even more realistic, especially in alt mode. It’s usually quite hard to mold plastic in yellow and not have it looking cheap, but Maketoys have done a great job here. Being the yellow version also help with the realism in the alt mode in my opinion – when was the last time you saw a bright green bulldozer? XD

  • Maketoys Excavator head paint detail
  • Maketoys Excavator arm paint detail
  • Maketoys Excavator body print detail
  • MakeToys Bulldozer & Excavator leg print detail
  • Maketoys Bulldozer head paint detail
  • Maketoys Bulldozer chest paint detail
  • Maketoys Bulldozer alt mode print detail
  • Maketoys Excavator alt mode print detail


As cool as these toys are, they would be even cooler if they are in scale with other Transformer toys. When measured up against United UN-17 Kup you can clearly see that the alt mode is completely out of whack, but transform into robot mode and they are pretty much the same height.

  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator vs United Kup in alt mode
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator vs United Kup in robot mode

Up against Fansproject “Bruticus” (Crossfire), so far it looks like the combined Giant will come in at roughly the same size if not bulkier. This is going to be epic!

  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator vs Fansproject Bruticus (Crossfire)
  • Maketoys Bulldozer & Excavator with Stormtrooper


I’m so excited over this release I can hardly contain myself. This set does a really good job of paying homage to the G2 Constructicons whilst keeping them in character. For most, being able to display Giant fully combined is the goal but each of these toys individually also deserve some credit as they look and work splendidly in both modes.

The yellow colour scheme will probably put a lot of people off but personally I like it more so than the green. Not that I prefer G2 over G1, it’s just that I think yellow suits construction vehicles better. In any case, the Green version will be available in June so what ever colour you prefer, make sure you don’t miss out on this great release!

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