Maketoys Battle Tanker Series MT-03 HyperNovae


MT-03 HyperNovae is Maketoy’s homage to the IDW’s Nova Prime. This is the first in the Battle Tanker series that makes use of a completely retooled and improved core figure.

Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae

Name: MT-03 HyperNovae
Series: Crystal City Chronicle
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Battle Tanker Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: Sept 2013
Original Price: ¥16,000JPY
Height: 175mm / 6.89inches


I really like the format of HyperNovae’s packaging, it’s small and compact which makes it easy to store. Images and artwork are monochrome in blue which is a nice change from other toy packaging not to mention it looks super classy, especially with the metallic foil character name and slogan written in Chinese calligraphy font. On the front there is a nice photo of HyperNovae himself, and in the back there are photos showing him in all 4 of his modes. HyperNovae comes packaged in vehicle mode which is lovingly wrapped with plastic in a quality box comparable if not even better than official releases!

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae front
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae back
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae inside


As well as all the combining parts that makeup the trailer HyperNovae also comes with two blasters, one of which folds in half for transformation. With this “initial production release” version Maketoys also included some clear translucent parts that can be inserted into the wings.

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae's blasters
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae translucent wing parts


I know from other reviews I’ve read not everyone is a fan of this figure in standard mode. I can understand this with it’s thin chicken legs and huge backpack but I actually really like it. This figure is based off the Hasbro G2 Laser Prime which I don’t have on hand for comparison unfortunately, but the design has been greatly improved upon with better details, ratchet joints and an overall taller figure. The materials used on HyperNovae is typical of Maketoy’s other releases, everything feels solid and high quality.

Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae

ALT MODE: Alt mode is not too bad, the combining parts for the trailer is somewhat cohesive although you can still spot individual armor parts hanging off the back. The cab and the trailer can separate and the wheels roll really nicely, it’s a fun little truck!

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae truck and trailer front
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae truck and trailer back
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae truck cab front
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae truck cab back


In standard form the articulation is really good with nice fluid joints that doesn’t feel too tight yet hold their positions well. HyperNovae has ball joint neck, double jointed shoulders, swivel elbow, ball and swivel jointed wrists, swivel waist ratcheted hips, swivel thighs, ratcheted knees and swivel and ball joint ankles. The range of movement for all the joints are good allowing HyperNovae to be placed in dynamic poses. With the armour parts attached HyperNovae doesn’t loose any of it’s articulation, in fact it gains a toe joint!

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae attack
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae kick!

However once you put the backpack on, the figure becomes very back heavy so balancing is a bit trickier. Again it doesn’t loose any of the articulation of the core figure but with so much weight on the back you can’t really pose him without a stand. It does look excellent though, no doubt about it!

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae final mode!
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae final mode ready to attack
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae final mode wings up
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae final mode wings down


As cool as the design of the figure is, I’m even more impressed by the amazing paint app on this toy. There’s heaps of paint detail and each and every bit has been applied to perfection. No paint slops, no messy edges, and no smudges, it is literally perfect. There’s tones of detail even in hard to reach places like the inside of the wheels, if I had a scoring system I’d give it a 15/10!

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae head paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae wheel paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae leg paint detail
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae body paint detail


In standard form HyperNovae is quite small, smaller than I would have liked however once you combine all the parts a lot of height and bulk is added. Still not as tall as I would have liked but the end result is still phenomenal. Even compared to another of Maketoy’s releases, Mobine Chaos, HyperNovae is small but much more detailed. Good scale with FOC Grimlock though.

  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae vs Maketoys MB01C Paladin / Chaos
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae vs FOC Grimlock
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae vs Stormtrooper
  • Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae final mode vs Stormtrooper


This is one of those figures that completely bowled me over once I had him in my hands, and one which I intend to keep for a very long time. I still pick him up from time to time just to check out the incredible detail and beautiful paint app. HyperNovae is simply stunning in all aspects and Maketoys again shows us why they are one of the top 3rd Party producers of transforming toys. If you haven’t already gotten your hands on this toy, you have to. You must, as a toy collector, as a Transformers fan, your collection will not be complete without him!

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