Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer


Finally here is the 3rd set from the Giant series by Maketoys, included in this set is Wheel Loader and Mixer based on the Transformers Decepticon Constructicon members “Scrapper” and “Mixmaster”. Wheel Loader, modelled after the Constructicon leader “Scrapper” forms the right leg, and Mixer, modelled after the Constructicon’s mad chemist “Mixmaster” forms the left leg of Giant.

  • Maketoys Wheel Loader
  • Maketoys Mixer

Name: Wheel Loader & Mixer
Series: Crystal City Chronicle
Manufacturer: Maketoys
Line: Giant Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS
Release: May 2012
Original Price: $129USD
Height: 138mm / 5.43inches | 168mm / 6.61inches


The high quality packaging design carries over to the last of the three sets. The box is constructed solidly with nice comic style drawings and photos of the actual toys. Both figures are packed in the alt mode, which I suspect saves on space, and can be viewed through a window in the front. Again, a backing card with coloured illustrations of both characters included in the box.

  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging front
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging back
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging inside
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer packaging backing card


Weapon-wise, this set comes with the same gun as set B which can be separated into two smaller pistols. This will form one half of Giant’s main gun body. In the alt mode, the separated guns can be clipped and carried on the side of the vehicles. Being the last of the three box sets, Giant’s chest piece is also included. The chest piece can be used as some sort of shield for the smaller individual robots which I think is a really nice touch. In alt mode, the chest piece is carried by Dump Truck, a.k.a “Long Haul”.

  • Maketoys Mixer with combined gun
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader with separated pistols
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader with pistol attached in alt mode
  • Maketoys Mixer with pistol attached in alt mode
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader with Giant's chest piece as shield
  • Maketoys Dump Truck with Giant's chest piece attached in alt mode

After having waited 2 long months, Giant’s forearm pieces have finally found a home in both alt mode and robot mode! In alt mode, the forearm trailers can be towed by both Wheel Loader and Mixer. In robot mode, the forearm pieces clip onto the back of Mixer like some sort of jetpack. Last but not least, this set comes with a bag of replacement parts for Dump Truck and Mobile Crane, more details about these will be included in Giant’s review!

  • Maketoys Giant's forearm in trailer mode in tow
  • Maketoys Giant's forearm parts attached to Mixer
  • Maketoys replacement parts for Mobile Crane & Dump Truck
  • Maketoys replacement parts for Mobile Crane & Dump Truck


Of all the Giant series figures in robot mode, Wheel Loader is definitely my favourite. The design is a perfect update and upgrade from the original G1 toy but it retains all of the essence of the character. You can recognize him instantly just by looking at his face. Not only that, the proportions of Wheel Loader in robot mode is perfect in my opinion, he actually looks somewhat heroic. The only downside is the relatively large kibble in the back compared to the other figures.

Maketoys Wheel Loader

Alt Mode: Again in alt mode, Wheel Loader is perfectly updated. The design is so realistic I wouldn’t be surprised seeing something like this roll around a building site.

  • Maketoys Wheel Loader alt mode front
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader alt mode back

Robot Mode: While the face of Mixer doesn’t quite resemble it’s tribute G1 counterpart the rest of the body is as close as you can get with an updated toy. Having said that, I actually think Maketoys did a great job with the new face, definitely much more appealing than the G1 design. There is also no kibble to speak of for Mixer in robot mode, very sleek and purposeful.

Maketoys Mixer

Alt Mode: Mixer’s alt mode stays true to the character that inspired it and it’s instantly recognizable. There are a lot of nice realistic details added in this mode however the mixing barrel does not rotate.

  • Maketoys Mixer alt mode front
  • Maketoys Mixer alt mode back


Articulation is very good for both figures, and all of the joints are relatively tight. Both figures have simple ball joints for the hips which I think may loosen over time with play and wear. Both figures have waist articulation however due to the back kibble on Wheel Loader, it doesn’t quite work very well on him. Both figures have a their heads on a ball joint but neither of them can look upwards due to the obstruction of the design behind their head. Overall, still very playable and pose-able, both are well designed and engineered in this department.

  • Maketoys Wheel Loader taking aim
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader side kick!
  • Maketoys Mixer double pistol action
  • Maketoys Mixer looking cool
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer ready for battle
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader & Mixer stretching before a fight


There are loads of paint app detail on both of these figures all applied neatly and cleanly. Starting with Wheel Loader, the head is nice but I did find it a bit dark for my liking. The shovel pistons have been painted silver which accents the toy nicely in both robot and alt mode.

  • Maketoys Wheel Loader head paint detail
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader shoulder print detail
  • Maketoys Giant chest piece paint detail
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader leg print  detail
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader shovel print detail
  • Maketoys Wheel Loader piston paint detail

Mixer has a very nicely painted head and chest area. The cab windows are also well painted with silver trim but again like the other figures from the rest of the series, the yellow colour applied to the wheels doesn’t quite match the body colour.

  • Maketoys Mixer head paint detail
  • Maketoys Mixer chest paint detail
  • Maketoys Mixer truck cab / leg paint detail
  • Maketoys Mixer mixing barrel print detail


There is a cool gimmick included in the Mixer design. In robot mode, a visor can flip down to reveal two missiles, this is sort of a nod to the G1 toy which inspired it.

  • Maketoys Mixer missiles hidden
  • Maketoys Mixer missiles ready to fire!

Lastly a look at all the members from the Giant series team in both robot and alt mode. Obviously in alt mode, it is pretty much impossible for these vehicles to be in scale and still have the robots combine together cohesively so I don’t really mind. Each vehicle looks great in this mode individually. In robot mode, the team looks great and even though each of their designs are very different it’s easy to see they are from the same team.

  • Maketoys Giant Series team in alt mode
  • Maketoys Giant Series team in robot mode


This is such a great series of toys from Maketoys and I haven’t even gotten to the gestalt mode! Each figure is super well engineered, well designed and you can see a lot of thought has gone into them. This last set is definitely my favourite of the three, not only are there more parts included, it also happens to have my favourite sculpt of the team – Wheel Loader.

I cannot recommend this set enough, these toys are by far much better than anything Hasbro has ever produced. They can definitely teach Hasbro a thing or two, or three!

Thanks for reading!

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