Marvel Legends BAF Thanos


Marvel Legends Thanos was released in March of 2015 as a Build a Figure in the Infinite Series Thanos wave. The wave consists of AOU Iron Man MK43, AOU Hulk, AOU Captain America, Spider Woman, Hellcat and Batroc. Each figure in the wave included a piece to form Thanos, Hellcat and Spider Woman have duplicate head and left arm parts for Thanos.

Marvel Legends Thanos

Name: Thanos
Series: Thanos Wave
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Marvel Legends
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC
Release: Mar 2015
Original Price: N/A
Height: 185mm / 7.28inches


As a Build a Figure, bits of Thanos are packaged separately with other figures in the wave. Both Hellcat and Spider Woman came with a head and left arm, Batroc came with the main body, Hulk with the right arm, Iron Man with the left leg and Captain America with the right leg. Packaging themselves are simple yet effective, and collector friendly so they are worth keeping if you ever plan on storing the figures away at some stage.

Marvel Legends Thanos packaging


Thanos himself does not come with any accessories. Would have like to see him with an alternative fist hand for his left arm, or even the Infinity Gauntlet.


I’m not exactly sure if this Thanos was based on a certain comic design as I don’t read the comics but I do like the design overall. The suit has sharp lines giving him a mecha style armor appearance which is quite fitting I think. For a bad guy I have to say he is somewhat handsome in appearance, I do like the face sculpt however the paint application is a little off but I’ll get to that later.

  • Marvel Legends Thanos front view
  • Marvel Legends Thanos rear view


Thanos is pretty well equipped when it comes to articulation unfortunately a lot of the joints are restricted and do not work terribly well. His head is on a ball joint allowing for a good range of up and down motion as well as a full rotation. He has a chest rocker but it only goes has one click to make the spine straight, when pushed forward out of the click his whole upper body becomes floppy. Shoulders are on a universal joint, there are swivel joints at the bicep, single elbow joints and wrist tilt and rotation. He misses out on one of the most important joints and that is the waist, this limits the type of dynamic posing which would have otherwise been possible. His hips are on a T joint but are hindered by the waist apron. There is a thigh swivel, double jointed knees, shin swivel, ankle tilt and rotation.

  • Marvel Legends Thanos with hands on hips
  • Marvel Legends Thanos with fist clenched
  • Marvel Legends Thanos ready for battle
  • Marvel Legends Thanos grabbing something in the air
  • Marvel Legends Thanos punches the Hulk
  • Marvel Legends Thanos defeating the Avengers!


There isn’t a whole lot of paint on this figure, the majority of the body is molded in glossy dark blue plastic with the armor accents done in a matte gold/yellow plastic. The paint app on his face looks okay from a distance but up close his teeth are very uneven, and the black wash on his purple skin makes him look kinda dirty. The gold accents on his head and body are also not very tidy at all, could have used another coat of paint for sure. The silver on his knuckles and legs are painted but again the quality is not great with a lot of overspray and messy paint job in general.

  • Marvel Legends Thanos head paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thanos body paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thanos hand paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thanos leg paint detail


With all of his faults, the thing that bugs me the most is that his shoulder apron (or whatever you call it) keeps falling off. It’s only held in by two tiny pegs and they do not stick into the shoulders very much at all. I guess I could super glue this part in but I don’t think I will be handling this figure much after the review.

Marvel Legends Thanos with loose shoulder apron

In terms of size he is quite a bit larger than the standard Marvel Legends figures but Hulk from the same wave still towers over him. I do not have a Marvel Select Thanos to do a size comparison but from what I know Marvel Select Juggernaut is only a couple of centimeters bigger than Marvel Select Thanos so this should give you a good indication.

  • Marvel Legends Thanos vs Marvel Legends AOU Hulk
  • Marvel Legends Thanos vs AUO Iron Man and Captain America
  • Marvel Legends Thanos vs Marvel Select Juggernaut
  • Marvel Legends Thanos vs Stormtrooper


I really like the design of this figure unfortunately the execution is not as good as it could have been. Even with the restricted articulation and missing waist joint it still could have been a nice figure if only the paint app was tidier and more thoroughly applied. If you are in the market for one, I’d probably say between $50 – $60USD is reasonable, any more than that you might as well get the Marvel Select version.

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