Marvel Select Iron Man Hulkbuster


The Marvel Select Hulkbuster is a Marvel Shop Online and Disney Store exclusive, it will not be available at regular retail stores.

Marvel Select Hulkbuster

Name: Hulkbuster
Series: Iron Man
Manufacturer: Diamond Select
Line: Marvel Select
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM
Release: July 2015
Original Price: 24.95$USD
Height: 205mm / 8.07inches


The Hulkbsuter comes in the standard Marvel Select packaging. The Marvel Select packaging is quite recognizable but it’s definitely nothing to write home about, it doesn’t store well, the edges gets worn and damaged easily and it’s not collector friendly at all. The design seems really dated now and I hate having to undo all those twisty wires to free the toy, however the packaging does do one job well, and that’s to protect the toy inside. Even if the packaging is crushed the toy remains largely in good shape.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster packaging front
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster packaging back
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster packaging
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster packaging


Hulkbuster does not come with any accessories.


Contrary to the description on the Marvel Shop page, this Hulkbuster is not inspired by the it’s appearance in the MCU Age of Ultron movie (which is awesome by the way). With a bit of research I found that the design is actually based on the comic book version that first appeared in Iron Man #304 (1994). While the design isn’t directly translated to toy form from the comic pages you can definitely see the inspiration. It’s interesting to note the the Marvel Select Hulkbuster actually looks like a up-sized version of the Marvel Universe Hulkbuster with a shinier paint job, and that I think is a good thing. The proportions of this figure looks good and it has some really nice armor detailing in the sculpt, particularly the armor plating in the abdomen. The only let down in the entire toy is the use of static hands, while the right hand looks fine in a closed fist pose the left hand is fixed in an awkward fully open palm configuration. From the back of the packaging it looked like Diamond Select Toys initially intended to use articulated hands, perhaps due to cost constraints they had to cut back and give us static hands instead, still I would have preferred fists for both hands.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster front view
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster rear view


I was really pleasantly surprised at the amount and range of articulation of this figure, considering larger figures from DST such as Hulk and Juggernaut had really limited articulation. The head is on a pivot joint, it can rotate but it’s a pain in the ass as there is nothing to grip onto, you basically have to push down and use the friction between your fingers and the head to make it move. The shoulders are on a universal joint and they can spin all the way around, the shoulder pads are ball jointed to the torso and simply move out of the way. There are bicep swivels, single jointed elbows with swivel and ball jointed wrists. The diaphragm feels like it’s on a big ball joint as you get side to side action as well as an ab crunch, no waist articulation though. The hips are on a T joint with a thigh swivel, single jointed knees which can also swivel from side to side and ankle tilt and pivot. It would have been great if Hulkbuster had toe articulation as well, would help with running / charging poses etc.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster ready for battle
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster running into battle
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster aims repulsor
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster hulk smash!
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster punch
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster hand on hips


As good as the articulation is on this toy, it’s the paint job that really brings the figure to life. I love the glossy metallic candy apple red used through out the figure, it gives the figure a lot more depth when there’s lights bouncing off it creating highlights. The red is nicely contrasted with the satin gold detail which appears on the face, shoulders, forearms, abs, thighs,and knees. There is also small amounts of silver applied to further break up the colours and balance everything out. It’s a real treat to look at.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster head paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster abdomen paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster back paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster hand paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster arm piston paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster arm paint detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster feet paint  detail
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster feet piston paint detail


Lastly let’s have a look at some size comparisons. The Marvel Select Hulkbuster works pretty well with Marvel Legends Iron Man and could even be a stand in for the S.H.Figuarts x Chogokin Hulkbuster before he arrives in January.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Marvel Legends Iron Man
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs S.H.Figuarts Iron Man

However when you line up MS Hulkbuster against various Hulk figures he starts to look a bit short. Side by side he is actually the same height as the Marvel Legends Hulk, more than 1 head shorter than the MS Unleashed Hulk, and almost 2 heads shorter than the MS AOU Hulk. The only Hulk figure (in my collection) that the MS Hulkbuster works in terms of size in my opinion is with the S.H.Figuarts Hulk. In my mind Hulkbuster should be taller than the Hulk, by a head or two at least.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Marvel Legends Hulk
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Marvel Select Unleashed Hulk
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Marvel Select AOU Hulk
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs S.H.Figuarts Hulk

Lastly compared to the Marvel Legends BAF Hulkbsuter from the AOU movie, the MS Hulkbuster is considerably smaller, although the Marvel Selection Hulkbuster does sport a much nicer paint job.

  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Marvel Legends BAF Hulkbuster
  • Marvel Select Hulkbuster vs Stormtrooper


I honestly didn’t expect to like this figure as much as I do. Having had to buy this figure off eBay for almost double the retail plus shipping (I’m in Australia), I can still say that I’m happy with the purchase. This figure has really good articulation for it’s size, it’s nicely designed, well painted and works very well with my Marvel Legends collection, what more could you ask for in a Hulkbuster toy? Actually, if it was slightly bigger and had articulated fingers I would dare say it would be pretty close to perfection.

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