Full Action MAX: Dann of Thursday

Before my Robot Damashii [Side Yoroi] Dann of Thursday arrives, I thought I should take a closer look and share the toy that started my fascination with the Gun X Sword (ガン × ソード) series, and oh boy was it an awesome series!


The story of Gun X Sword takes place on a planet called the “Planet of Endless Illusion” where modern cities, stone castles and old western outpost towns co-exist. The main protagonist, Van, is the pilot of Dann of Thursday, one of 7 of the “Original Seven” armors which orbits the planet inside their satellite station. Van is a skilled fighter, unable to fully recollect his past, his only goal is to search the planet for a man with a clawed right hand who killed his bride to be and seek revenge. Along the way he meets and is joined by others, each linked in their own unique way to the clawed man.

Max: Dann of Thursday

Name: Dann of Thursday
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Gun X Sword
Sculptor: Takeshi Hamazaki
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Jan 2007
Original Price: ¥12,800 (approx. $168AUD / $165USD)
Height: 235mm / 9.25inches

(to top of head)


A quick glance at the packaging and you can tell immediately that this is a quality product. The box is made from thick heavy stock with high quality gold foil printing, no expenses spared here. Inside the box, there are just a few twisty wires to keep the figure in place with plastic liners protecting the moving parts during transportation. Very collector friendly with solid plastic trays.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday packaging front
  • Max: Dann of Thursday packaging back
  • Max: Dann of Thursday packaging inside
  • Max: Dann of Thursday packaging tray


Accessories wise, Dann comes with his signature sword which has the ability to split into two, additional hands for various poses and a large display base with a metal rod stand. The swords fit together very nicely but an extra handle piece is required to be fitted in order for Dann to wield the smaller sword. The display base depicts the seven icons representing the “Original Seven” mechas that orbit the planet. The stand itself is the only metal component in the set but I find the design of the connecting piece to be rather useless. It has a ball joint rod at the end which means the only thing its good for is keeping figure upright.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday with signature sword
  • Max: Dann of Thursday with splitting sword
  • Max: Dann of Thursday with display base
  • Max: Dann of Thursday display stand connection


“Wake up Dann!” This figure is certainly awake in all aspects from the design to the sculpt. It perfectly captures the lanky stature of Van which Dann resembles. Each part of the mecha’s armour panels are sharply detailed, and the soft hose lines beautifully integrate into the toy. One criticism I do have about this sculpt is the slightly oversized rear end and thighs of this toy compared to the anime drawings, however this is a small issue and is only really obvious when viewed from the back.

Full Action Max: Dann of Thursday


This toy has plenty of articulation, all with really good range as well! Most of the poses from the anime can be recreated with ease even though the joint designs are relatively simplistic. The elbows and knees for example are single jointed and rather than using the more traditional ball and swivel joints for places like the hips and shoulders, this toy makes use of a series of cut joints. This does take some getting used to as you need to manoeuvre the pieces around a bit to get the right pose, although it does mean that there are no hideous gaps in the body where the joints would normally be.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday casually holding sowrd
  • Max: Dann of Thursday defence stance
  • Max: Dann of Thursday double sword attack
  • Max: Dann of Thursday power punch!
  • Max: Dann of Thursday ready to take anyone on!
  • Max: Dann of Thursday side kick!


Where do I begin, there is just so much tasty paint detail on this toy its hard to describe in words but in short its absolutely beautiful. The thing I like the most is how Max Factory have replicated the G.E.R fluid (essentially the muscles) effect using translucent parts for the moulding then painting over it – it really makes the figure glow. There is plenty of panel lining and shading going on as well, its simply a work of art.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday head paint detail
  • Max: Dann of Thursday chest paint detail
  • Max: Dann of Thursday hand and sword handle paint detail
  • Max: Dann of Thursday back paint detail
  • Max: Dann of Thursday G.E.R fluid effect hand detail
  • Max: Dann of Thursday G.E.R fluid effect shoulder detail


A couple of simple gimmicks on this toy can be found, mainly to help with articulation if anything. Firstly the hoses on the legs can extend to allow the knees to bend more freely.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday extending leg hoses
  • Max: Dann of Thursday extending leg hoses

The elbows also have a similar mechanism where the hose is connected to a rotating piece allowing the forearms to bend more freely, although in this case the hoses do still collapse at the end.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday  rotating elbow piece
  • Max: Dann of Thursday rotating elbow piece

Lastly a couple of comparison shots showing the size of the figure. I was very surprised at how big this figure is when I first received it. I had imagined it to be around the size of a 7” figure but as it turns out Dann stands over 9” tall, similar in height to a MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock. Standing against the 7” Otoha Karas figure, Dann towers over him by almost two heads.

  • Max: Dann of Thursday vs Transformers MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock
  • Max: Dann of Thursday vs S.O.G Otoha Karas


Max Factory’s Dann of Thursday action figure has always been high on my wish list. It was only a couple of months ago I was finally able to track one down, luckily it was brand new and the price was much less than I was prepared to pay for it.

These days you’d be lucky to find one at all, and if you do you’d be lucky to find one for less than 3 times the original RRP of around $165USD. Max Factory don’t tend to produce in large quantities with their toys which makes them hard to get if they turn out to be popular – such as this one.

This is an excellent collector’s toy, it does have a few small flaws but it more than makes up for them with the breathtaking sculpt and finishing. If it weren’t so expensive and hard to come by I’d recommend it to everyone.

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