GD-57B Mechagodzilla メカゴジラ Black ver.

There is nothing better than Mechagodzilla, the mechanical version of the popular Japanese Kaiju (monster), nothing except for the black version, black Mechagodzilla.


Mechagodzilla faceThere has been various versions of Mechagodzilla since its inception, this particular one, referred to as the Millennium Mechagodzilla was constructed to fight against the second Godzilla that appeared in 1999 and other monsters. Mechagodzilla featured in two films; “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla” and “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS”.

The Millennium Mechagodzilla, also known as “Kiryu” was constructed using the skeleton and DNA of the first Godzilla defeated in 1954, the skeleton was retrieved from Tokyo Bay and used as the framework for Mechagodzilla – Kiryu.

The story goes on to say that this version of the Mechagodzilla was the only one that was able to defeat Godzilla in the end.

Name: Mechagodzilla メカゴジラ
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: GD-57B Chogokin 超合金
Scale: Non-scale
Materials: ABS, Die-cast, PVC
Release: 2004
Original Price: ¥4,800 (approx. $60AUD / $45USD)
Secondary Market Price: $70USD – $120USD
Height: 180mm / 7inches


The black Mechagodzilla comes packaged in a black and white version of the 2004 GD-57 Mechagodzilla box, essentially the same apart from new graphics for the black version label. The figure and parts are packed in a tight fitting polystyrene box that protects the contents and stops any rattling and movement during transportation.

Mechagodzilla packaging


Kiryu comes with missile and flight assistance backpack, electrical charge knife attachment for both arms, the right arm drill attachment and of course his most powerful weapon, the absolute zero cannon. Kiryu has two modes, when armed with the backpack and electrical charge knife, it is the ”Heavy Armed Type” (重武装型) mode, without these attachments it is the “High mobile type” (高機動型) mode. The accessories are well made with great detail, making Kiryu a very good looking but deadly adversary. The only thing I didn’t like about the accessories was the fact that some of the tail spikes have to be assembled, and they don’t always like to stay in their slots!

  • Mechagodzilla parts
  • Mechagodzilla assembly
  • Mechagodzilla drill
  • Mechagodzilla pack detail


Mechagodzilla front and back

The Mechagodzilla looks much better as a scaled model version over the human sized costume version in my opinion (see below custom design for comparison), in the movie Kiryu looks top heavy and the legs slightly too small and stubby looking for the top. However, as a scaled model the sculptor did not need to design to fit a human inside, which helps to bring out a much sleeker and dynamic form. There is a good amount of metal used in this figure giving it a very “high quality” feel and weight, the plastics were also of high quality and finish with sharp detailing in the sculpt.

Mechagodzilla movie costume


There are plenty of points of articulation on this figure, with 18 points including one for opening and closing of the mouth and 3 for the tail. However, most of the joints do not move very far, and it lacks some in critical places such as a head tilt and waist joint. As you can see from the photo, there isn’t much variety of poses that can be done with Kiryu.

  • Mechagodzilla side view
  • Mechagodzilla articulation
  • Mechagodzilla absolute zero cannon
  • Mechagodzilla heavy armed with drill
  • Mechagodzilla kick
  • Mechagodzilla back
  • Mechagodzilla heavy armed type
  • Mechagodzilla heavy armed with drill


The majority of paint applied to this figure is matt black with areas of gunmetal grey detail, there isn’t much colour apart from the few red markings, white print and yellow eyes. These have all been well applied although there is a bit of overspray, but because there is so little colour, it’s hardly noticeable.

  • Mechagodzilla head detail
  • Mechagodzilla chest detail
  • Mechagodzilla leg detail
  • Mechagodzilla arm detail


What this figure lacks in articulation, it more than makes up for in the little details and overall design.

  • Mechagodzilla pack detail
  • Mechagodzilla electric charge knife + backpack


I really love this figure, its well weighted, well detailed and well made. If you are a fan of Godzilla, this is a must have, and black is definitely the new silver!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    another quality post, great review kudos to you!


    • Thanks for visiting Johnny!

    can you buy from this site

    • hi corbin, thanks for visiting – i’ve sent you an email:)

    • i want one too, can you let me know how!

    • email sent:) thanks for your interest…

    Hi! My son is totally adorable and has loved Godzilla for his entire life (all 7 years!). He collects “Godzilla figures” (his words) and wants this one desperately for Christmas. The ones on Ebay are very expensive. Can you direct me to a more affordable place to buy one of these? Thanks! Also, do I have your permission to use one of these photos to make a shirt for him? Thanks again!!

    • Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for Visiting my website,I’ve sent you an email regarding your request. I hope I can help you out:)




    Can you send me a link where i can purchase this model for less than on e-bay?

    I love the look of it.

    – Ez

    • Hi Esmond,

      Thanks for visiting my website, I have sent you an email:)



    Yeah, I’d love to know about how to find one of these as well! I’ve found several of the regular, silver ones… But I love the look of the black so much more!

    • Hi Jesse, I agree, Black one look 100% better. If you like, I can help you track one down. Thanks for visiting:)

    Nice review hoping to get this figure, do you know a one for a good price though.

    • Hi RodanKaiju,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you like the review. I actually have two coming over from Japan in the next shipment, I’ll send you some details and pricing once they are in stock, where are you located?



    hey im a great fan of mechagodzillas and other than the gd-57 chogokin and the 75 chogokin looking for many other variants..cld u help me out on it?

    • hey mate, thanks for visiting, I’ll be more than happy to help. I’ve sent you an email:)

    Just bought this didnt come in box or with a box and now because of this review i now know that it comes with the drill hand and i didnt get mine im gunna go back tom and complain till i get one so pissed :( but great review anyway

    • Hi Dman, thanks for visiting. I’m glad I could be of service…haha good luck with getting the drill bit!:)

    What would be the value of these figures now? Specifically, how much would a mint in box figure be worth?

    • hey Vaughan, thanks for visiting. I did a little bit of research for you. On Yahoo auctions JP they start from about 4,000JPY MISB however on eBay the cheapest one I found was about $150USD. This is a nice toy and long out of production so I’d value it at about $100USD mint in box, in my opinion:)

    Why is there a black mega Godzilla

    • I think it’s just because it is traditional to release black versions of popular toys…I have to admit I much prefer the black version over the regular silver version:)

    Can you buy from this site

    • I have one in my eBay store at the moment, check out the “Shop” link in the menu at the top of the page:)

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