Marvel Legends Infinite Series Thor


This is the Thor figure from the Odin Build A Figure Marvel Legends Infinite Series. This is my first Thor figure from any line, as such I will be reviewing him based solely on what I see in front of me.

Marvel Legends Thor

Name: Thor
Series: Infinite Series
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Marvel Legends
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC
Release: Feb 2015
Original Price: $19.99USD
Height: 190mm / 7.48inches


I really like the new format that Hasbro has taken the packaging for the Marvel Legends line, it’s much more attractive than the old style blister packs and it’s also collector friendly. However if you do like to keep boxes I can see a slight problem here as the front of the box is actually curved so it won’t stack very well. Aside from that, the colours are attractive and there is some nice artwork of the character on the sides which connects well to it’s comic roots.

  • Marvel Legends Thor packaging front
  • Marvel Legends Thor packaging back
  • Marvel Legends Thor packaging
  • Marvel Legends Thor packaging inside


Thor comes with two weapons, his signature hammer Mjölnir (I have no idea how to pronounce this) and a long sword. Everyone knows about Mjölnir from the live action movies but I have no idea why Thor has a sword? Maybe it’s in the comics or perhaps it’s meant for the Odin BAF, whose right leg is included with Thor. The sword is made from a hard grade of plastic however the handle of Mjölnir is somewhat floppy for some reason.

  • Marvel Legends Thor with Mjölnir
  • Marvel Legends Thor with long sword


I really enjoy this iteration of Thor, he looks very lightly armored but still formidable at the same time. The new helmet design evokes a sense of justice and heroism, and his face has a stoic and determined look, very fitting for the God of Thunder! He has a very broad chest with muscular arms that are nicely detailed with popping veins. His thighs are covered in scale-like armor, each scale is sculpted for that added realism . Overall the proportions are great, he’s big and muscular without looking overly bulky.

  • Marvel Legends Thor front view
  • Marvel Legends Thor rear view


Articulation wise Thor is not too bad, he has all the joints in the right places but some of the joints are somewhat hindered in the range of movement. The head is on a ball joint but there is practically no up and down movement, only side to side swivel. The shoulders are on a universal joint but upwards movement is hinders by the cape to a degree. Thor has bicep swivel, single joint elbow, wrist swivel and tilt, torso rocker which also acts as the waist joint, universal hip joints, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, feet swivel and tilt. Unfortunately he does not have ankle swivel so in wide stance poses his feet cannot stay flat on the ground. Thor would also have benefited from some toe joints, I also found his knee joint to be a bit soft and wobbly so he is prone to some instability.

  • Marvel Legends Thor holding Mjölnir
  • Marvel Legends Thor Mjölnir smash!
  • Marvel Legends Thor ready for show down
  • Marvel Legends Thor isn't afraid of a fight
  • Marvel Legends Thor Mjölnir ground smack!
  • Marvel Legends Thor flying
  • Marvel Legends Thor can actually kneel
  • Marvel Legends Thor looking heroic
  • Marvel Legends Thor ready to fight with sword
  • Marvel Legends Thor armed and ready


For a relatively cheap Hasbro toy the paint app is actually not bad at all, seems like they are finally listening to the fans and making toys to the quality that the fans expect. Not everything is painted very realisticall but at least it’s all quite tidy and in the right colors. There is also some highlight and lowlight paint app on the cap which I fully did not expect from this toy line. The head of Mjölnir is silver with a realistic black wash to bring out the cracking detail in the metal, and by God it looks very realistic. Overall I’m impressed.

  • Marvel Legends Thor head paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thor back paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thor Mjölnir paint detail
  • Marvel Legends Thor thigh armor paint detail


This Thor figure is big, much bigger than the standard 6″ Marvel Legends toys. He’s even almost as big as The Avengers Movie Series Hulk, I know Thor isn’t human so this scale is fine by me. Thor does scale much better with Marvel Select Unleashed Hulk, and they look pretty good together too! Comparing with other Marvel toys, you can see that Thor towers over ML Cyclops and ML Wolverine, Thor is a good head and a bit taller than Figma Iron Man MK VII and much taller than the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man and Iron Patriot toys.

  • Marvel Legends Thor vs Avengers Movie Series Hulk
  • Marvel Legends Thor vs Marvel Select Unleashed Hulk
  • Marvel Legends Thor vs ML Cyclops and ML Wolverine
  • Marvel Legends Thor vs Figma Iron Man MK VII
  • Marvel Legends Thor S.H.Figuarts Iron Patriot and Iron Man MK42
  • Marvel Legends Thor vs Stormtrooper


This being my first Thor action figure of any scale, I didn’t have anything to compare it to. It turned out to be a good thing as I can appreciate this toy for what it is, and what it is is great! It’s not perfect, there are things that I would absolutely change about it if I had a choice such as additional toe joints and stiffer knee joints but it’s pretty close. I love the design, I love the face sculpt and I love the fact he towers over other Marvel Legends figures. He is Thor, the God of Thunder, he should be big!

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