Movie Masters Batman + Batpod

A legendary superhero made even more popular by the recent movies starring Christian Bale as the Dark Knight – in my opinion the best batman on the big screen to date.


Batman, originally referred to as the Bat-Man is a fictional comic book superhero co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The character first appeared in “Detective Comics” #27 in May 1939 published by DC Comics.

Movie Masters BatmanBatman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy businessman and the sole heir of Wayne Enterprises, a major private technology firm in Gotham City. Having witnesses the murder of his parents as a child he swore revenge on crime – this was the just the beginning.

There have been many variations to the Batman character and story, some dark and heavy, some camp and light hearted. No matter which version you follow, batman will always be the one and only Dark Knight!!

Name: Batman (Wave 2) / Bat-Pod
Manufacturer: Mattel
Line: Movie Masters
Sculpter: Four Horsemen
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2008
Batman Original Price: $19.99AUD / $15.99USD
Bat-pod Original Price: $29.99AUD / $24.99USD
Batman Height: 155mm / 6.1inches
Bat-pod Length: 310mm / 12.2inches


The packagings of the Dark Knight Movie Masters line action figures are the same across the range, see here. for the review of the Joker and packaging.

Movie Masters Batman packaging

I’m also taking a look at the Movie Masters Bat-Pod, designed for the Batman figure of the MM line. The packaging is simple and effective with nice graphics throughout. The Bat-pod displays nicely through the large windows, and getting the Bat-pod out was relatively easy and pain free. Good collector’s box as the Bat-pod can be easily repacked.

Movie Masters Bat-pod packaging


Not really much to say about the accessories, there is a crime evidence bag with a large Batman mask which you can’t really do anything with and doesn’t interact with the figure – so…why?

Batman accessories - giant mask


I was really impressed by the sculpture work of this figure. I would have paid the same price for the figure even without the accessories! There is a ton of detail on the armour bits, with very fine textured effect that replicates the fabric of the bat suit. What I’m most impressed with is the way the figure captures the likeness of Christian Bale. Of course you cannot compare this to a Hot Toys figure for example, but given the price of the figure, you can’t do much better.

Batman front and back view

The Bat-pod is also very well sculpted, the design is very close to that of the movie, and it comes with real rubber wheels and detailed treads. Only downside with the Bat-pod becomes apparent when you pick the toy up, it is very lightweight which makes it feel less impressive in the hands.

  • Bat-pod side view
  • Bat-pod front three quarter view


This Batman figure has 23 points of articulation, not bad with only a few exceptions. Firstly I would have been even more impressed if the elbows and knees were able to bend more than 90 degrees for a better range of motion. Secondly, the cape is made from one solid rubber piece, which looks good when Batman stands upright, but is really a hindrance when making poses.

  • Batman fighting pose
  • Batman skipping...?!I'm not sure actually...
  • Batman side kick
  • Batman takes out the Joker!


Complimenting the brilliant sculpture of the figure is very well applied paint work. Batman may appear all black and monotone, but look closer and you’ll find that there are very subtle differences throughout the figure to make it much more than just a toy. Batman’s eyes have been carefully painted and really give the toy some life. Some armour pieces have been highlighted with a light blue/grey colour to give more depth to the sculpt, and some parts of the armour have been given a gloss finish to bring out further detail.

  • Batman's head
  • Batman's amour detail with grey/blue highlighted areas
  • Batman's belt and armour highlight
  • Batman's chest shows some glossy areas

The Bat-pod has also been treated to some great paint work. There is heaps of dry brushing effect to mimic metal parts and add visual weight to the piece. Good use of silver highlights to bring out mechanical parts.

  • Bat-pod weapon
  • Bat-pod metal dry brush parts
  • Bat-pod foot rest
  • Bat-pod mechanical parts highlighted


Individually, Batman and the Bat-pod look great, even when placed side by side. But when you try to make Batman ride the Bat-pod, you’ll encounter some minor problems. Firstly, the Bat-pod is actually a bit too big for Batman so he’ll look slightly awkward riding it no matter how you adjust the position. Once Batman is seated on the Bat-pod, you’ll also notice that his head cannot be tilted upwards, so he can’t actually see where he is going.

  • Batman and the Bat-pod
  • Batman can't see where he's going

On the plus side of things, the Bat-pod gets real rubber tyres and a flip open gas tank cover (not that there’s much detail underneath it). The Bat-pod control handles are also made of soft rubber to make it less likely to snap as you fight to make Batman grab the damn things. One interesting thing to note, Batman actually looks quite good on a 1:12 scale bike, just thought I’d share that:)

  • Bat-pod has real rubber tyres
  • Flip open gas tank on Bat-pod
  • Soft rubber handle grips on Bat-pod
  • Batman on 1:12 scale model Ducati


For the price of a toy, you get a collector worthy piece! What’s not to like about it? The Bat-pod may be a bit hard to find, but it’s worth searching around the net for one if you are interested, just don’t be tricked into paying more than you should (around $30AUD – $35AUD).

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    Nice Figure Of Batman I Have The Same Figure And Exactly I Don’t Have The BatPod Where Do I Get One!

    • I think Toys’r’us in the States used to sell them? Or Target? But that was a while ago now so your best bet now is to try eBay…its a great addition if you already have the batman:)

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