Movie Masters Survival Suit Bruce Wayne

Here’s another figure from the ever popular Movie Masters Batman toy line, this time it’s Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne before he gets his first Batsuit, and he looks bad ass!


Based on the 2005 film “Batman Begins”. Before the Batsuit, there was the survival suit, courtesy of the Applied Science Division of Wayne Enterprises’. The “Nomex Survival Suit” was originally developed for advanced military use but was considered too expensive for the United States Army at a whooping price tag of $300,000USD per piece. Movie Master Survival Suit Bruce Wayne

The high-tech suit has inbuilt temperature regulators to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature in almost any condition, it also features armour protection for the chest, calves, thighs, arms and back region made of a Kevlar bi-weave that can stop slashing weapons as well as deflecting most gun shots. The joint areas are reinforced to allow maximum flexibility and mobility, while the whole suit is coated with a black latex material to help camouflage and conceal the wearer’s heat signature making it difficult to detect even with night-vision equipment. This suit later forms the basis of the first Batsuit.

Name: Survival Suit Bruce Wayne
Manufacturer: Mattel
Line: Movie Masters
Sculptor: Four Horsemen
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Jan 2010
Original Price: $19.9AUD / $15USD
Secondary Market Price: Up to $60AUD / $50USD
Height: 150mm / 5.9inches


Again, the Movie Masters line of packaging remains unchanged – refer to packaging of the Joker and the Dark Knight. There is the signature “Bat Cave” feature on top of the packaging (nice but honestly a waste of space), picture of Batman in the front as well as images of the product on the back. It still lacks the character bio which I think is so important as it gives the toy its identity. One good thing is it shows other toys in the same line, giving a preview for some yet to be released figures.

  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne Packaging
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne Packaging back


Unfortunately, there aren’t any real accessories that come with this figure. Bruce Wayne has a removable ski mask made of soft rubber, and there is a giant version of the mask that comes as a part of the crime scene evidence, however the evidence bag is no longer included. Made of the same soft rubber material, you really have to wonder, why? Why is there a need for an additional giant size ski-mask. Honestly this whole crime scene evidence idea is all a bit of a “let down” (to put it nicely). Accessories are supposed to enhance the enjoyment of the toys, but what are you going to do with a giant ski-mask? They are also very dust attracting and hard to keep clean!

  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne ski-mask
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne giant ski-mask


Once again the Four Horsemen have done it! Well, to be precise, they did most of it ages ago with only about 10% of the figure as newly sculpted parts. The Christian Bale head, although a very nice representation of the actor, is the same part as the earlier “chase variant” head of the batman figure (which is not entirely a bad thing and you’ll see why later on), the rest of the body apart from the upper chest area is 100% the same as the wave 1 batman figure. So technically speaking the only new parts are the upper chest, the harness straps and the ski-masks. Still, it’s a very nice figure.

Survival Suit Bruce Wayne front and back view


Same as the Dark Knight Batman figure, the Survival Suit gets 23 points of articulation, it also gets some of the same problems as before plus issues of its own. The elbow and knee joints are still not great (being the same parts), while it does not have the problem of having the solid rubber cape, the body harness straps does limit the waist turn and chest roll actions slightly.

  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne prepare to fight
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne prepare to fight more
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne in training (chairs not included!)
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne in kick


For a toy of this size and price point, I’d have to say that the paint work is acceptable. The gold colour of the buckles contrasts nicely against the black body, although up close the paint is quite patchy and uneven. Christian Bale’s head is nicely painted, the eyes are tidy but there are some random black specs here and there.

  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne paint detail
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne paint detail back
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne paint detail belt
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne paint detail face


One thing that really bothers me is the part line along the neck of Bruce Wayne, there is a HUGE gap where the front and back parts are supposed to meet. This is quite unacceptable from a manufacturing point of view, and if I was to QC this line, I would have made sure this problem was addressed before going into production. OK, now on a more positive note, remember those chase figures that were so hard to come by and went for a ridiculous amount of money? Fear not, with the Survival Suit Bruce Wayne figure, you can make your own. That’s right, the heads are interchangeable. The only down side to this, well the Survival Suit Bruce Wayne figures are mostly sold out online, and secondary prices can be as high as $50USD each!

  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne neck part line detail
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne vs Batman
  • Survival Suit Bruce Wayne custom chase figure!


For a mostly “recycled” parts toy, it’s really quite good and worth collecting if you’re into this line. It’s just too bad they’ve sold out almost everywhere online (within a month of release!). I’m really starting to question the production quantities of some of Mattel’s products, sometimes it seems like they reduce the production numbers just to create demand and cause a stir? But the only people that benefits from this are the flippers and scalpers!

Bit of good news though, apparently the Movie Masters toys line figures are due for release at your local Toys’R’us stores this spring, including this guy. Hopefully this also applies to the Australian stores!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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