Transformers Sideswipe

From the new Transformers movie, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” comes brand new characters joining both the Autobot and Decepticon ranks. It is always exciting to see new designs of classic Transformers characters and how the modern movie makers interpret them. They may not always resemble the classic design, nor have anything in common apart from the name, but as long as they transform and kick some metal ass, it’s all good!


Transformers SideswipeThe name Sideswipe has appeared many times in the Transformers universe, most famously known as a red Lamborghini Countach in the G1 series (Lambor in Japan) and always fighting alongside Optimus Prime. He is a skilled warrior, brave but rash and acts on impulses which would often lead to him being injured during fights.

In the new live action movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, Sideswipe transforms into a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept car in vehicle mode. In robot mode, he is armed with two retractable blades, double barrelled machine guns in his wrists and small rocket launchers from his back. He is sleek, fast and built to fight.

Name: Sideswipe
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Transformers Movie Delux Class
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, PC
Release: 2009
Price: $29.99AUD
Height: 165mm / 6.5inches


With the new movie, comes new packaging for the line. It’s still a blister pack but has been stylized with design and graphic elements from the movie. Nothing really much to say about the design, it does the job, hangs well in the stores, but I can imagine there would be quite a bit of cardboard off cuts. One thing I’d like to say to Hasbro, and this does not only apply to this toy – why have product images on packaging that isn’t a realistic reflection of what the actual product is like? Does this not count as false advertising?

Sideswipe Packaging


With this toy you don’t get any accessories at all, he’s pretty much a self contained unit, blade is attached to his arm (and is actually a part of the body in vehicle mode).


The design of this character is nice, although in the movie he seems sleeker, and more streamlined, but they’ve done a good job capturing him in toy form. The body is well proportioned, but he looks like he is carrying a lot on his back in robot form. Sculpturally speaking , there isn’t very much detail that is worth mentioning, or perhaps the detail isn’t so obvious in the dull grey plastic.

Sideswipe front and back view

In vehicle form, that’s another story, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept car is a very nice looking car, and it reflects well in the toy. All the panels line up pretty well, and it just seems tighter than previous figures in this line. The wheels are nicely sculpted with tread marks in the tyres and rivets on the rims!

Sideswipe side view

  • Sideswipe alt mode front
  • Sideswipe alt mode rear
  • Sideswipe top
  • Sideswipe bottom
  • Sideswipe front
  • Sideswipe rear


With only 11 points of articulation, this isn’t the most pose-able Transformers figure by far, in fact, it’s pretty limited. There isn’t really an ankle to speak of due to the design of the character, the knees don’t bend very far and the hips are restricted by those 4 “pistons”, they look good only before they start to bend. The arms cannot be raised higher than the shoulders, and there are no wrist joints which I guess is okay in this case as he doesn’t need to hold anything. Head is okay, it is on a ball joint.

  • Sideswipe pose 01
  • Sideswipe pose 02
  • Sideswipe pose 03
  • Sideswipe can't kick!!

Having said all that, it still does have a certain fun factor about it, the fact that you can transform him into a flying machine type robot, or turn him into “defence” mode!! (These modes do not actually appear in the movie)

  • Sideswipe looking down
  • Sideswipe flying machine?
  • Sideswipe defense mode!
  • Sideswipe is pointing at you!


In vehicle mode it looks great, the whole body of the car has been given a good lick of metallic silver paint, as with the wheels. The problem lays in its robot mode, there’s just too much unpainted grey plastic, sure Hasbro has tried to put metallic flakes in almost every plastic part (you can see the reflective specks up close), but it is just not the same. The paint that is present however, is mostly well applied.

  • Sideswipe car paint
  • Sideswipe paint + decal


There are a few nice details throughout the figure, and a few not so nice ones. The wheels have been nicely done, quite realistic looking. The side mirrors are nicely sculpted and moulded in soft PVC so you don’t have to worry about breaking it during transformations. The brake lights on the car are also a nice touch using translucent red plastic to give it a realistic feel. The blades have gears so that when you spin one blade around, the other one comes around also.

  • Sideswipe wheels
  • Sideswipe mirrors
  • Sideswipe brake light
  • Sideswipe blade gears

There is also a new feature called “Mech Alive” with shifting battle armour, a gimmick in this new line but I don’t see the value of it on this figure, basically it’s those blue things on his knees, and they move about 6mm out – seriously how much protection will that give you? I’m also not too fond of the feet design as it’s just really hard to balance the figure but I guess Hasbro did what they could with the way the character was designed. There are also the faux pistons on the back of the legs, it appears to be a part of the “Mech Alive” mechanism, I’m undecided on this as it mimics the action of the piston well, but just doesn’t feel right. Oh, and those pistons on the hips, they may look cool and clever, but as soon as you start to pose the figure and they start bending, it just doesn’t look very “robotic” anymore.

  • Sideswipe 'Mech Alive'
  • Sideswipe waist/hip pistons'
  • Sideswipe chicken leg pistons
  • Sideswipe feet


I really do like the character design in the movie, he looks sleek, fast and is very skilled at fighting with his huge blades. To be honest I was really looking forward to this figure when the concept images and prototype model came out, but with many things in life too much anticipation often leads to disappointment.

There are some things that I do like about it, it looks great in vehicle form and transformation has been greatly improved over previous figures. I just hope Hasbro can listen to some of their customer’s feedback and improve on their manufacturing quality and put some love back into the toys!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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