MSIA MSN-04 Sazabi

At first, I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this figure, this was my first MSIA figure and I had heard both good and bad comments about this line. I’ll try and keep this review as mutual as possible, and let you decide for yourself.


The Sazabi is a monstrous red mobile suit piloted by Char Aznable (シャア・アズナブル) in the anime film, “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattcack” (機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア) taking place in UC 0093. This was the final story of the original saga that started in 1988 with “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and continued through “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” and “Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta”, and would bring to an end the 14 year old rivalry between Char (founder of the Republic of Zeon) of the Zeon forces and Amuro Ray (アムロ・レイ, Hero of the series) of the Earth Federation. Anyway, the story line, characters and all the politics of the series is way too complicated to be summed up in a few paragraphs so I’ll leave that out and move onto the Sazabi itself.

The Sazabi was commissioned by Char to be designed and built as a custom mobile suit to take advantage of his Newtype abilities (humans with heightened mental awareness, some even possessing telepathic / telekinetic abilities). Built by Luna based contractor Anaheim Electronics, the Sazabi was a very large and heavily armored mobile suit. Mobile Suit in Action MSN-04 SazabiDespite its large size, it was very quick and maneuverable as it is equipped with a lot more thrusters and verniers compared to mass-produced mobile suits.

The main benefit of this monstrous mobile suit was the use of the revolutionary new technology called the “PSYCHOFRAME”, which involves constructing the cockpit with psycommu (PSYCOMMU stands for PSYchic COMMUnicator system) receptors to increase the pilot’s Newtype sensitivity and responsiveness.

The Sazabi also has 6 funnel units (attack pods located on the back) that could also be controlled mentally by Char using the psycommu system over large distances.

Name: MSN-04 Sazabi
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Mobile Suits in Action – Extended
Scale: Non-scale
Material: Various plastics
Release: 2006
Original Price: ¥3,000 (approx. $38AUD / $33USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.7inches


The packaging appears to be of very good quality, it is compact and not overly big for the contents inside. There are plenty of images of the product and features, but nothing beats being able to flip open the front and see the real thing. Graphics is well managed here, on the front is a nice hero image of the product against the embossed name of the item in reflective silver lettering.

  • MSIA Sazabi packaging front
  • MSIA Sazabi packaging open


The Sazabi comes with all of its signature weapons, including a beam rifle, pair of beam sabres, beam tomahawk, shield, funnels and of course all the hands to hold the weapons. The tomahawk comes as two options, the short version and the longer sword like version where the beam can actually be removed. There is also a second head included with the top part opened to reveal the escape pod as seen in the anime. I almost forgot, it also comes with a Collection Data Sheet with information about the Sazabi…in Japanese:( (but the pictures are cool!)

  • Beam Sabre and Shield
  • Long and short beam tomahawks
  • Beam rifle and funnel
  • Opened head with escape pod


Apart from the model kits, there aren’t many Sazabi figures you can actually purchase, which is a shame because this is such a nicely designed mobile suit. It looks really menacing in the anime and the sheer size of it is just awesome. I think MSIA have done a good job in translating this over to a completed action figure line but made it more playable than the model kits. Lots of soft rubbery plastics used in various places to increase durability. However, because soft plastics are used here, the sculptural detail isn’t as sharp and defined as the model kits that use the harder plastics. I also think the hands are too big for the figure, but this seems to be the case across the entire MSIA line.

Sazabi front and back view


This figure really ticks all the right boxes in this department. There are plenty of joints and it does pretty much whatever you want it to. Only downside here being that the shield is possibly too heavy for the arm joint as it doesn’t like to stay in the up position.

  • Sazabi ready for action
  • Sazabi flying away
  • Sazabi taking defense
  • Sazabi going in for the kill XD
  • Sazabi in action
  • Sazabi kick


I can’t really tell if this guy has been fully painted, or just moulded in colour. I can say that the colour is quite even and there are no apparent flow lines in the plastic that I can see. The red on some parts (front apron) are slightly different and I think it is due to the different materials but it isn’t too bad.

  • paint detail - front aprons slightly different colour
  • funnel thrusters have been painted also

There’s quite a bit of painted detail especially in the thrusters and verniers which I think is quite nice.

  • thrusters all painted with silver body and yellow cone
  • thrusters and verniers painted on backpack and back apron

The MSIA extended line also includes inked panel lines which highlight a lot of the detail quite nicely, although this was not done completely throughout the figure. There are only two printed markings on the figure, one on the front apron and one on the shield – I would have liked to see more.

  • paint detail and panel lines on under side of back apron
  • panel lines on apron brings out detail


There is actually quite a bit of detail to show on such a small figure, firstly let’s take a look at the funnel pod on the back. It opens and closes and stores three closed funnels each side which can be taken out of course. All the thrusters are well sculpted and hidden under the aprons and the legs which was a pleasant surprise for me!

  • funnel pods can open and deploy
  • thrusters everywhere!!

The foot even has the spike feature replicated, although I don’t really know what it is for but it does show great attention to detail. Speaking of which, it even has working pistons in the triceps on the arms!!

  • feet spikes...for...spiking things?
  • working pistons in the arms!


Ok, I hope I have kept it quite neutral throughout the review to let you make up your own minds about this figure.

I gotta say I really like this toy, at ¥3,000 it is a real value for money product. Although not as sharp as the model kits, and the paint application leaves a bit to be desired, it still displays well in all poses and has excellent play value – definitely earned a place in my collection.

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    It is a very informative blog, I must admit and I find it a time consuming blog site.

    • thanks, i hope u don’t waste too much time on my site..haha XP

    I love site background. Is it Hellboy ?

    • glad you like it, yeah its my wounded hellboy on the right, and otoha karas on the left:)

    Great photos, that’s interesting.

    • thanks:)

    Very nice figure!!!

  • Cool, my child is crazy to see this figure

    • haha…not too crazy I hope..

    Very great figure, nice blog :)

    • thanks for the feedback!:)

    Just need this guy to finish my Char Aznable collection and cure my Char fever. I have three Sinanjus (High Grade, Master Grade Ver. Ka and Robot Damashii), two Char’s Zaku IIs (Master Grade and MSIA Extended), two Hyaku Shikis (Master Grade and EMSIA), a Rick Dias (Master Grade) and a Char’s Gelgoog (Master Grade), a Zeong (Master Grade) but no Sazabi, so I think this guy along with the HCM Pro Special painted version will be in for my collection.

    • wow, nice collection you have there of Char’s mobile suits…would love to see some photos!! This is definitely a worthy toy in any collection, I love it!

    And I think I’ll also consider the High Grade Universal Century model kit but not the Master Grade because it’s just a disappointment, that is unless I can get him for a steal ($80).

    • Its good you still can find time to make model kits, I miss those days…would love to sit down for a day (or two) and spend it all on a nice Perfect Grade kit…hehe..

    No worries, build a High Grade, all you need is a pair of wire snipper or any cutting tool (bare hands may count) and the rest is just a breeze. The thing that’s not is dreaded painting it, but that’s not the case with the Sazabi, a fresh coat of Bosny Flat Clear (works on cars and bikes as well) and it’s all set and done.

    • Thanks for the advice Nightslash, if I find time between reviews I will definitely build a kit…:)

    Speaking of Perfect Grades, do you have one?

    • well I had one back in the day, a PG Shining Gundam…no idea where it is now though:P Would love to be a PG Aile Strike…but really can’t find the time, so I think I’m actually going to pre-order the Robot Damashii Aile Strike now..haha

    • how about you?

    Shining Gundam doesn’t have any PG (probably yours is just a 1/60 scale model), so far Gundam releases include the original Gundam, the Zaku II (and it’s variants), the GP01-FB Gundam, the Wing Zero Custom, the Gundam Mk. II (and it’s variants), the Zeta Gundam, the Strike Gundam (again, and it’s variants), the Red Frame Astray, the 00 Raiser and finally the newcomer: the Strike Freedom Gundam.
    So far, the only PG I have is the Strike Freedom and the 00 Raiser since they’re the easiest to build (no screws, no wiring, simple snap fit assembly). What I really want to buy though, are Kotobukiya kits but they’re too expensive for my tastes (what appears to be a High Grade-esque model cost twice as much as it’s intended price :P).

    • oh haha my bad, I thought it was PG…it seemed hard to put together back in the day…haha. Well in any case I’d love a PG Strike Aile…hum, need to take a look at Kotobukiya kits, sounds interesting..:P

    Lolwut, I didn’t expect any smileys from that. Oh, amd there’s also a PG Evangelion.

    • ahaha yeah…would love to see some photos of your builds!

    It’s great website !

    • thanks Togo, glad you like it:)

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    • Hi, I’m always happy to help whatever topic:) However I don’t think I have a captcha plugin for my comment form, I do get spammed from time to time but my email client usually filters them out…

    Nice detailed model. Interesting blog. Site added to my RSS feed.

    • much appreciated :-)

    Really fantastic pictures

    • Thanks Jedrek!:)

    And I think I’ll also consider the High Grade Universal Century model kit but not the Master Grade because it’s just a disappointment, that is unless I can get him for a steal ($80).


    • Oh, I’ve heard the MG Sazabi is quite disappointing…too bad though I do prefer 1/100 scale kits…Bandai needs to bring back the GFF line and release the Sazabi!

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