Neca 7″ Action Figure Robocop


From the packaging bio:
In the ruins of old Detroit, a crime ridden ghetto of the not too distant future, a good cop, Alex J Murphy, is killed in the line of duty. A team of doctors and scientists are able to piece him back together as an unstoppable crime-fighting force called Robocop. Impervious to bullets and bombs, and equipped with high-tech weaponry, Robocop quickly makes a name for himself by cleaning up the streets of violence ravaged Detroit. Despite his new, metal exterior, Robocop is tormented by fragments of memories of who he used to be. As Robocop discovers his past and the identities of his killers he is out to seek more than justice…he wants revenge!

Neca Robocop

Name: Robocop
Manufacturer: Neca
Line: 7″ Action Figure
Sculptor: Roger Mutt / Kyle Windrix
Scale: Non-scale
Material: POM, PVC
Release: Aug 2011
Original Price: $17.99USD
Height: 180mm / 7.09inches


Robocop comes in a traditional heat sealed clamshell packaging. All in all it is quite compact and shows the figure well. Not particularly collector friendly if you decide to open it up and play with the toy but it does the job!

  • Neca Robocop packaging front
  • Neca Robocop packaging back


Robocop is very sparsely equipped, he comes only with his Auto-9 pistol and an interchangeable right hand with a spike. The sculpt of the Auto-9 is reasonable but could do with a bit more detail. Its also note worthy that it cannot be stored in Robocop’s right thigh.

  • Neca Robocop with his Auto-9 pistol
  • Neca Robocop with optional hand spike forearm


It’s a mixed bag of emotions for me with this Robocop. I really like the overall sculpt and the movie accuracy of this toy however I was sorely disappointed to discover that the particular figure I received has a severely deformed left leg, hence why he is standing crooked. I have no idea how this passed through the factory undetected? It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Maybe they just didn’t care?

Neca Robocop


Even with a crooked leg, the articulation is pretty decent for a Robocop figure. He isn’t exactly known for his acrobatics so I wasn’t expecting a lot. The head is on a massive ball joint so it moved freely in all directions. It has a chest rocking joint as well as swivelling waist joint. The shoulder joints rotate all the way around and also lifts up. The hips are also connected by a ball joint and has plenty of movement. The one place I would have liked to see a bit more range are the elbow joints.

  • Neca Robocop reaching to grab the bad guy
  • Neca Robocop takes aim
  • Neca Robocop reaching down...
  • Neca Robocop going to extract some info


I wasn’t overly impressed with the paint app on this guy, everything looks sloppy and unrefined. There is overspray and uneven paint everywhere. Neca has tried to bring out the purple-ish reflection of Robocop’s armour but I would hardly call it a success, you can see it in certain lighting but they should have put the effort into QC rather.

  • Neca Robocop head paint detail
  • Neca Robocop chest paint detail
  • Neca Robocop thigh and back paint detail
  • Neca Robocop arm and chest paint detail


To give you an idea of just how bad the deformed leg is, here is a few close up shots of it. Seriously, are they blind? Think about it, some guy had to pick this part up, look at it and paint it with a brush so how can they have missed it?

  • Deformed thigh on my Neca Robocop, seriously?!
  • Deformed thigh on my Neca Robocop, what?!

On a more positive note, Robocop does feature working pistons. Still not good enough to make up for the f****ed up leg though.

  • Neca Robocop with working ankle pistons
  • Neca Robocop with working ankle pistons

Lastly, comparing Robocop to Neca’s own Predator line. Robocop is still quite a bit smaller than the Predator, not sure if they are in scale or not? Either way the Predators are much better toys than the Robocop, although they do suffer from similar QC problems, ie missing knee pad on my Classics Predator.

  • Neca Robocop vs Neca Predator Berserker
  • Neca Robocop  with 3.75'' Stormtrooper


If you are interested in picking this guy up I suggest you get him from a brick and mortar retail store, that way you can inspect the toy before you buy. If you can find a good example it’s still quite a nice Robocop toy for the price.

I really hope Neca does something about the QC, it’s a shame to see nicely sculpted toys being produced so badly. Oh well, better luck next time…I hope!

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    Eww..that looks like Robocop 3

    • yeah not the best work Neca has done that’s for sure…

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