Predator Two Pack – Berserker & City Hunter Predator (Masked ver.)


City Hunter – One of the youngest members of the Lost tribe, the city Hunter arrives on earth during a record heat wave in Los Angeles, CA. He has been sent on a mission by the Elder to acquire honorable trophies. armed with an arsenal of weapons that include a throwing disc, plasma caster, wrist blades, spear, and net gun the City Hunter stalks the urban jungle in his quest for prey.

Berserker Predator – the berserker Predator is the ultimate hunter. Born with superior physical abilities and intelligence, he was the youngest Yautja to ever kill a Xenomorph [Alien] and reach Young Blood status. Considered a prodigy among his clan, he quickly rose to almost legendary Warrior status; achieving more kills than any Predator of his generation.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator
  • Neca Berserker Predator

Name: City Hunter / Berserker Predator
Series: Predator
Manufacturer: Neca
Line: Predator
Sculptor: Kyle Windrix, Adrienne Smith
Designer: Stan Winston
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, POM
Release: Dec 2011
Original Price: $45USD
Height: 200mm / 7.87inches


The TRU exclusive 2 pack comes in a clamshell style packaging, which is cheap and effective by not all that impressive. The graphic layout is not too bad, I do like the line up of other Predator figures at the back showing more characters from the lost tribe.

  • Neca Berserker & City Hunter Predator packaging front
  • Neca Berserker & City Hunter Predator packaging back


The 2 pack comes with heaps of accessories, more so than most Predator figures I’ve seen. The City Hunter receives a trophy Predator Skull, trophy human skull, collapsed and extended spear, a smart disc which can be stored on the hips and an extra hand to hold the spears. The Berserker Predator comes with a clear wrist blade, a silver wrist blade and a pop-up display backdrop.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator trophy Predator skull
  • Neca City Hunter Predator trophy human skull
  • Neca City Hunter Predator collapsed spear
  • Neca City Hunter Predator smart disc
  • Neca City Hunter Predator extended spear
  • Neca Berserker Predator pop-up display backdrop
  • Neca Berserker Predator clear wrist blade
  • Neca Berserker Predator silver wrist blade


The City Hunter Predator is the first I have of this mold and I can see that it is a vast improvement from the first and second series when compared to Classic Predator. The armour detail on the City Hunter is very nice, even though it is molded from flexible materials it retains a lot of detail. I really like the roughness of the mask on this version, gives a good metallic feel.

Neca City Hunter Predator masked version

The Berserker Predator mold on the other hand remains unchanged from series 1. However, instead of getting a short (retracted) wrist blade, he does come with the long version that originally was designed and sold with the Falconer Predator.

Neca Berserker Predator camouflage version


City Hunter has been upgraded with several new joint designs. The hips are now ball jointed which gives it a lot more range of movement, the knees are double jointed allowing City Hunter to kneel but it is still let down by it’s limited ankle joint when placed in dynamic poses. I’d also have liked to see double jointed elbows as it’s currently quite restrictive. Nothing much new to say about Berserker Predator’s articulation, it’s been around for a while so the joint design is relatively old. However the pop-up camouflage backdrop is quite interesting in the way that it changes the feel of the character on display.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator ready for battle
  • Neca City Hunter Predator throwing spear
  • Neca City Hunter Predator with his new trophy
  • Neca City Hunter Predator wrist blade lunge attack
  • Neca Berserker Predator blade extended ready to fight
  • Neca Berserker Predator in camouflage mode


There’s plenty of paint detail in the City Hunter figure. I especially like the metallic paint treatment on the mask and armour parts however the issue of the mis-aligned netting print on the body and legs have not been resolved. The dreadlocks are also messier than I had hoped but since it’s on the back of the figure I can live with it. Another small thing to note is that glossiness of the flesh is not consistence throughout the figure, and overall not glossy enough in my opinion to properly portray the organic texture of Predator’s skin.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator head paint detail
  • Neca City Hunter Predator dreadlock paint detail
  • Neca City Hunter Predator armour paint detail
  • Neca City Hunter Predator armour paint detail

I’m surprised at how much I actually like the cloaked deco of the Berserker Predator, there is something ephemeral about the clearness of the mold, and it’s quite clever how they’ve painted the figure to match the backdrop.

  • Neca Berserker Predator arm paint detail
  • Neca Berserker Predator shoulder paint detail


There are a few cool features on the City Hunter Predator, firstly his plasma caster can rotate and swing up and down on his left shoulder just like in the movies, the smart disc can be stored on his thigh but it does fall out quite easily and lastly but not surprisingly the wrist blades can be extended.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator plasma caster in down position
  • Neca City Hunter Predator plasma caster in up position
  • Neca City Hunter Predator smart disc holster
  • Neca City Hunter Predator smart disc stored
  • <

  • Neca City Hunter Predator wrist blade retracted
  • Neca City Hunter Predator wrist blade extended

Lastly, a quick side by side comparison of the City Hunter Predator against the Classic Predator from series 1. City Hunter has grown a few mm taller and overall looks much nicer in terms of the amount of detail on the figure. You can also see here that the cloaked Berserker Predator is the exact same mold as the one from series 1 apart from the wrist blade.

  • Neca City Hunter Predator vs Classic Predator
  • Neca cloaked Berserker Predator vs normal Berserker Predator


While both of these figures in the two pack are interesting and offer something new I’m not 100% sure why they were packaged and sold together as they come from completely different movies. I actually bought this set mainly for the masked City Hunter Predator as it’s not offered as a single pack but I was pleasantly surprised with the cloaked Berserker Predator.

Overall, this is a good set to get especially as you can’t get the masked City Hunter Predator otherwise but I wouldn’t pay more than $50 unless you are completely passionate about the Berserker mold, or you don’t yet own one. You can get this set online or at Toys ‘R’ Us as an exclusive.

Thanks again for reading!

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