Neca Predators Series 2: Tracker, Berserker, Classic


Series 2 of Neca Predators from the “Predators” movie includes, Tracker Predator, unmasked Berserker Predator and a wounded masked Classic Predator. For more info check out my review of the Series 1 Neca Predators.

  • Neca Tracker Predator face
  • Neca Berserker Predator face
  • Neca Classic Predator masked face

Name: Tracker Predator / Berserker Predator / Classic Predator
Manufacturer: Neca
Line: Predators Series 2
Sculptor: David Silva / Adrienne Smith, Kyle Windrix / Kyle Windrix
Designer: Stan Winston
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, POM
Release: Nov 2010
Original Price: $30AUD / $16USD
Height: 200mm / 7.87inches


Same style of packaging as the Series 1 figures, each figure comes with personalized backing card and front label, again only a single twisty wire holding the figure in place which is just fine by me. One thing to note is that because the Tracker Predator has long tasks on his helmet, they can press against the front of the packaging during transportation which can lead to breakage. This is easily fixed with some super glue but just something to look out for.

  • Neca Tracker Predator packaging front
  • Neca Tracker Predator packaging back
  • Neca Berserker Predator packaging front
  • Neca Berserker Predator packaging back
  • Neca masked Classic Predator packaging front
  • Neca masked Classic Predator packaging back


The second series figures get pretty much the same amount of accessories as the first. Tracker Predator has a medium length wrist blade as well as a shoulder mounted plasma cannon, the Berserker Predator has the same except his wrist blade is short. Classic Predator again gets a removable backpack with a shoulder mounted plasma cannon.

  • Neca Tracker Predator with medium wrist blade and shoulder mounted plasma cannon
  • Neca Berserker Predator with short wrist blade and shoulder mounted plasma cannon
  • Neca Classic Predator with plasma cannon on removable backpack


It is great to see a whole new sculpt for the Tracker Predator, it does share some common parts with the other Predators, namely the dreadlocks (Berserker), torso (Falconer, Berserker), shoulder & biceps (Falconer, Berserker), pelvis & buttocks (Falconer, Berserker) and feet parts (Falconer, Berserker). Even with so many common parts it still stands out as a completely different figure. The only let down here is its face/mask sculpt, it looks flat and quite blobby with the details washed out, not sure what happened here as the rest of the body looks quite well sculpted with great detail.

Neca Tracker Predator

With the Berserker Predator, the only sculptural difference between this version and the Series 1 version is the unmasked face part and it looks great. He looks mean and angry like he’s about to take your head off!

Neca Berserker Predator

Same story with the Classic Predator, the only difference between series 1 and 2 is the face/mask part. I actually prefer the head with the damaged mask, it gives the figure more character?

Neca wounded Classic Predator


Articulation of these Predator action figures are not too bad, but not great either. I mean they have joints in all the right places, but some are quite restrictive as mentioned in the series 1 review. There are over 20 points of articulation in each figure so they will keep you happy and occupied for a while.

  • Neca Tracker Predator point the way
  • Neca Tracker Predator shows no fear!
  • Neca Berserker Predator ready for a fight
  • Neca Berserker Predator stab!!!
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator dazed and confused
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator in battle mode
  • Neca Berserker Predator takes care of Classic Predator
  • Neca Falconer, Berserker and Tracker Predator team all together


With the Tracker Predator I’m pretty happy with the overall paint application – all except the mask/face part which is kind of hindered by the bad sculpt to begin with. The silver is flat with no highlights or shadowing and just looks plain boring.

  • Neca Tracker Predator mask paint detail
  • Neca Tracker Predator feet paint detail
  • Neca Tracker Predator dreadlocks paint detail
  • Neca Tracker Predator waist paint detail

The unmasked Berserker Predator really looks the part, but the colour of the skin is totally different to the series 1 Berserker even though they are supposed to be the same character. I can’t remember which one is more movie accurate, you probably can’t tell either as the movie was really dark anyway. Personally I do prefer the greyish scheme of the series 2 figure, but the series 1 figure has the better paint application.

  • Neca Berserker head paint detail
  • Neca Berserker body paint detail
  • Neca Berserker armour and leather garment paint detail
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator head paint detail

Classic Predator also has a slight variation in the colour scheme when compared to the series 1 figure. The difference is not huge but just enough to be different, as if they ran out of paint and had to choose the next closest available colour!? Anyway not a big deal but I really hate the way the “blood” has been painted, it looks cheap and kind of ruins the toy for me.

  • Neca wounded Classic Predator head paint detail
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator torso paint detail
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator thigh paint detail
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator armour paint and print detail


I found the right hand of my Classic Predator to be quite loose, a bit of tape and it’s now fine. The wounded Classic Predator obviously has the same retracting wrist blade mechanism as the series 1 toy, thought I’d mention it anyway.

  • Neca wounded Classic Predator with loose hand
  • Neca wounded Classic Predator has the same retracting wrist blade

A view of the back of the Classic Predator without the backpack, looks great with black ink wash. The head is also interchangeable between the Predator toys, they are easy to pop on and off. I do prefer the masked Classic Predator head so I decided to put it on the series 1 body.

  • View of the back of the wounded Classic Predator without backpack
  • Neca

Just a few shots comparing the series 1 Predator figures to the series 2 figures. The first is a shot of the Classic Predators, the colour variation is hard to see here, but trust me its there. The second is a shot of the Berserker Predators, here you can obviously see the colour variation, which do you prefer?

  • Neca Classic Predator S1 vs S2
  • Neca Berserker Predator S1 vs S2

Here’s a shot comparing the size of the Predator toys to my 7 inch Hellboy action figure, they are slightly larger than Hellboy, but it may just be due to their large heads haha. And a shot of all 6 Predator Figures together, wow…so many Predators!

  • Neca Predators vs Mezco Hellboy
  • Series 1 and Series 2 Neca Predators all together


I really like this range of Predator toys, they are really beautifully sculpted and on the whole well painted, they also do offer a fair amount of pose-ability which can provide you with hours of fun. If it weren’t for the fact I had to write reviews for these toys, I’d probably limit myself to just getting a couple, but it will be hard to choose which ones to get hehehe…

Check out the Series 1 Neca Predator review here!

Thanks again for reading my toy review, hopefully this was informative in some way!

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    • hi arul, glad you like the photos and review. Thanks for your support:) These are great figures….wave 3 is coming out soon including a predator hound! So another review of these guys may on the way soon…^_^


    • yup, and I’m waiting on a couple more new ones to be released in December…muahaha!

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