Sci-Fi Revoltech 031 War Machine


This version of War Machine hails from the 2010 live action “Iron Man 2” movie, played by Don Cheadle. The War Machine suit was modified from the “stolen” MKII Iron Man suit and beefed up with extra armour and weapons by Stark’s business rival Hammer Industries.

Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine

Name: War Machine
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Line: Sci-Fi Revoltech
Sculptor: Enoki Tomohide
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, POM
Release: Oct 2011
Original Price: ¥3,334 (approx. $42AUD / $43USD)
Height: 155mm / 6.10inches


War Machine comes in the standard Sc-Fi Revoltech flip open box with lots of information about the character and toy all over the packaging. The box surface feels really nice with the celloglaze finish giving it a high quality feel.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine packaging front
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine packaging back
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine packaging flip open cover
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine packaging inside


War Machine is pretty much a self contained unit so there isn’t really a need for a lot of accessories. He does come with two extra pairs of optional hands, but to bolster the display-ability of this toy Kaiyodo has made some gun firing effect parts for the shoulder mounted Gatling gun and the arm mounted machine guns. Then there’s the name plate and Revoltech coin box but no coins.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine gun firing effect parts
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine name plate


It is quite difficult to say if this toy is movie accurate or not, I mean it looks great and highly detailed but all movie War Machine toys I’ve seen differ slightly in their appearance and design from one to the other. I will point out though that this version seems to have a rather large ass. Other than that I think it’s great!

Sci-Fi Revoltech 031 War Machine


When it comes to articulation, there’s no doubt Revoltech has it down packed. There are heaps of joints, 24 in total which allows you to make any pose you can think of. I do have to reiterate that I think the toy would be much nicer with stronger joints, as the revolver joints tends to have a bit of play in them which don’t always hold poses particularly well. Because of this I find it hard sometime to balance the toy, would help if it came with a stand.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine take off - with Iron Man's booster effect part
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine ground defence
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine attack with arm mounted machine gun
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine attack with shoulder mounted Gatling gun
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine with Iron Man on the defence
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine kneeling


War Machine comes highly finished with great paint app and fine print detail. The paint job is incredibly tidy, possibly one of the best I’ve seen on a Revoltech toy. The silver parts have panel lining detail applied, combined with the pad printing it makes this guy look quite realistic.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine head paint detail
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine shoulder print detail
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine arm print detail
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine arm mounted machine gun paint detail


War Machine features a folding down thigh panel, I’m not sure what this does as it doesn’t really interfere with articulation but its there just so you know.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine thigh panel detail
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine thigh panel folded down detail

Here’s War Machine with Iron Man MKVI, you can see he is much beefier and the details look much more refined. I think the War Machine sculpt is a very nice improvement from the MKVI. Stacked up against Hasbro’s version of War Machine you can clearly see there is a lot of difference in the designs although both are instantaneously recognizable as the same character. There are aspects of both which I prefer over the other but in terms of overall design and quality I think Revoltech has a slight edge here.

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine with Revoltech Iron Man MKVI
  • Sci-Fi Revoltech War Machine vs Hasbro War Machine


This is a really nice depiction of the movie War Machine in toy form. The build quality of this toy is quite good, accompanied by a nice paint app there really isn’t anything bad I can say about this toy. Being a Revoltech it is also quite readily available at a reasonable price. If you’re a fan of War Machine you’ll definitely love this toy, and who doesn’t love War Machine!

Thanks for reading:)

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    The Sci-Fi Revoltech Warmachine looks slightly better than the Hasbro Warmachine.

    But it comes down to pricing.

    The Hasbro Warmarchine is about $15 – $20 Cdn, while the Revoltech Warmachine is $50 – $60 Cdn.

    • thats true, i do like both versions in their own way but at the end of the day it does come down to price. If I could only have one, I’d get the one that costs less…:P

    awesome review. i still like the hasbro version, but look forward to getting the revoltech version. great site.

    • hi rupert, thanks for the feedback, glad you like the site!:)

    i finally got this version and i love it. it seems like a late reply, but timely really seeing as SH Figuarts has there version coming out. personally, im on the fence. for me, my playing version is the hasbro version. my posing and pretty to look at verison is the revoltech, but this new SH Figurarts..i dont know. whats your take?

    • I really like the Revoltech version of War Machine, it’s a much more solid and well sculpted figure than any of the Iron Man figures in the Revoltech line up. Having said that I will still be getting the SHFiguarts version of both Iron Man and War Machine. Hasbro’s version is great to play with, Revoltech’s version is great for posing but I think the SHFiguart’s version will be better than both to play with and for posing, it will be the ultimate 6″ version War Machine I think!

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