Sci-Fi Revoltech 001 Alien

I’ve been putting off this review for sometime now as something else always seems to pop up and steer my attention away. So here we go, lets do this!


This iconic character needs no introduction, but here’s a brief one anyway for those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past 30 odd years XP

“Alien” is a popular media franchise of novels, comic books, games and toys that first began with the 1979 film “Alien” directed by Ridley Scott. There were three sequels and two prequel films made since which also featured a cross over with the “Predator” franchise. Sci-fi Revoltech Alien face

The Alien, also referred to as a “xenomorph” is the iconic and primary antagonist of the franchise. Born from a Queen Alien, they begin their lives as an egg, which hatches to a larval form know as a facehugger which then finds a host and latches to the head in which they inject an embryo known as a Chestbuster. After several hours of gestation the Chestbuster bursts violently from the host’s chest (hence the name) killing the host and matures to an adult phase within a few hours. As the name “xenomorph” would suggest, the Alien takes on basic physical attributes of the host from which it was born.

Name: Alien エイリアン
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Line: Sci-Fi Revoltech 001
Sculptor: Yatake Yoshinori矢竹 剛教
Designer: H.R. Giger
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, Nylon, POM
Release: March 2010
Original Price: ¥2,714 (approx. $34AUD / $33USD)
Height: 160mm / 6.2inches


I really like what Kaiyodo has done with the new Sci-Fi series packaging. It’s a lot more serious and mature (more like a collectable) with the use of earthy colours and a new style of imagery. The front of the packaging features a velcroed opening flap which has the bio of the figure and franchise as well as photos and images from the movie. One thing I noticed was use of matt celloglaze on the cardboard usually reserved for high quality business cards, it feels silky smooth and looks great. Inside is a snug fit, but a bit of space is wasted.

  • Revoltech Alien packaging front
  • Revoltech Alien packaging back
  • Revoltech Alien packaging with opening flap
  • Revoltech Alien packaging inside


The Alien comes with an Alien egg, a Facehugger, a display base and name plate. Both the Alien egg and the Facehugger are beautifully sculpted and painted, although they don’t interact directly with the main figure, I think they are some of the best accessories I’ve seen. The Facehugger’s tail can be plugged onto the top of the egg to display it bursting forth as it hatches. The display base has a tab which you can plug into the Alien’s feet, this is actually quite handy as the Alien tends to be top heavy.

  • Revoltech Alien egg accessory
  • Revoltech Alien Facehugger accessory
  • Revoltech Alien Facehugger bursting from egg
  • Revoltech Alien display base and name plate


I totally agree with Chris Walas (Academy Award-winning SFX, makeup, and film director) when he said “Unbelievable! This is the best Alien figure I have ever seen!”, because it is, at least one of the best. It may be smaller than most Aliens action figures around, but it does not lack any of the detail. For starters, the material choice for this figure is spot on, the head piece is transparent so you can see the skull underneath, the body is glossy to give the slimy organic effect and the overall proportions are as though they pointed a shrink ray to the original movie props!

Sci-Fi Revoltech 001 Alien


How does the Alien fare in the articulation department? Pretty good infact! The Alien has 13 points of usable articulation, of course each of these revoltech joints not only bend but also provide swivel action so you can imagine how many different ways you can move each limb. The only downfall to the movement is the head not being able to tilt back much, but this is a limitation due to the character design rather than the toy design.

  • Revoltech Alien basic pose
  • Revoltech Alien pounce!
  • Revoltech Alien on the prowl
  • Revoltech Alien charge!
  • Revoltech Alien guarding over the newly hatched
  • Revoltech Alien says back off!


The paint scheme for this character is pretty basic, black, dark brown and bronze with some white teeth and nails so it’s no surprise they got it pretty spot on. The skull cover has just the right amount of paint to keep it transparent but not too little to make it feel cheap. The body and limbs has just the right amount of highlight to show off the intricate sculptural detail that would otherwise be lost in all that black. The egg has been beautifully painted as with the Facehugger, an ink wash has been applied to bring out the extra detail.

  • Revoltech Alien skull cover paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien body paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien hand paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien feet paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien back paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien egg paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien Facehugger paint detail
  • Revoltech Alien egg paint detail close up


The main feature of the Alien toy is the opening jaw with an extending inner jaw as seen in the movies. This is quite a cool feature, but the inner jaw looks a bit “square” for my liking, could have been made to look much more organic. The skull cover can be removed to show the skull, here you can really see the “humanness” of the Alien born from a human, very cool.

  • Revoltech Alien inner jaw detail
  • Revoltech Alien skull detail

The other feature is of course the bendable tail, it is flexible and will stay in the shape you bend it to, quite a nice feature.

  • Revoltech Alien bendable detail
  • Revoltech Alien's tail is very flexible

The Alien will fit nicely in with other 6” figures, here you can see it fighting War Machine (no doubt who’s got the upper hand), and Bruce Wayne fighting off a Facehugger, isn’t it great when your toys make new friends? XP

  • Revoltech Alien making new friends...
  • Revoltech Alien Facehugger going in for a smooch


This is a great toy with great sculpture and paint job, ironically however the only thing I didn’t like about it was the Revoltech joints as I’m not a fan of ratchet style joints. Apart from this, there isn’t anything I can fault, its one of the best Alien action figures I’ve seen especially considering the price.

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    nice review as always, would be cool to see revoltech predator in the future? hehe

    • speaking of revoltech predator, its coming out Feb next year:)

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