S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider W HeatMetal

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Kamen Rider W or Double (仮面ライダーW) is the eleventh Kamen Rider series in the Heisei period (1989-present) run of the Kamen Rider series, and the 20th rider series overall.

The story is situated in the ecologically-minded city of Futo (風都) which literally means the windy city. The people there live in relative harmony however all is not well in this city of windmills. The Sonozaki family sell mysterious devices called Gaia memories which look like USB drives to criminals who use them and turn into monsters called Dopants (to Dopants or to Dontpants..haha:P). The criminals use this power to commit crimes which leaves the police force powerless to stop them, on top of this these Gaia memory devices cause the users to go insane as they carry dangerous toxins.

Enter our main protagonists, detective Shotaro Hidari and the mysterious Philip – the one that possesses the true Gaia memory. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider W HeatMetalTogether they investigate crimes involving Dopants, by using their own Gaia memories, Shotaro and Philip use the Double Driver belts to transform and combine into Kamen Rider W (hence the name “Double”). As the story progresses, the mystery of Philip’s past and his connections to the Sonozaki Family are revealed.

By using a different combination of Gaia memory USB drives, Kamen Rider W is able to tap into different powers. The HeatMetal form is the second form used by Kamen Rider W and is accessed from the Heat and Metal memories and has the signature Metal Shaft weapon. There are another eight different combinations possible.

Name: Kamen Rider W HeatMetal
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: S.H.Figuarts
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PCV, ABS, Die-cast
Release: Mar 2010
Original Price: ¥2,500 (approx. $33.50AUD / $28.50USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.7inches


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. The S.H.Figuarts line of packaging is great, not too fancy yet still good looking in a subtle way, very practical in size and displays the figure well. I like how the colours of the packaging are co-ordinated to the colours of the figure, really makes the whole package complete. Contents are well protected in their trays and easy to repack if you ever need to put your toys away (I hope not:P).

  • W HeatMetal Packaging front
  • W HeatMetal Packaging back
  • W HeatMetal Packaging inside


HeatMetal comes with three pairs of hands, closed fist, open hands and weapon holding hands. He also comes with his signature Metal Shaft weapon, in both extended and retracted mode. In retracted mode, the weapon can be carried on his back.

  • W HeatMetal's Metal Shaft carried on back
  • W HeatMetal's Metal Shaft extended form


In terms of TV accuracy, HeatMetal is a little bit on the thin side in toy form, but this suits me fine as I thought the TV costumes can look chubby at times. The details are really sharp and the subtle differences in the costume are well presented, overall the figure looks great on display.

Kamen Rider W HeatMetal front and back view


HeatMetal has no problems being put into most poses you can think of, and just look, he loves it! I have to admit, this toy is very photogenic, and I had a lot of fun doing this particular shoot. All the joints have a great range of movement, elbows and knees are double jointed as well as having an extendable hip joint which I will show in more detail later.

  • W HeatMetal looking cool & ready for action
  • W HeatMetal fighting
  • W HeatMetal flying kick
  • W HeatMetal reaching weapon
  • W HeatMetal fighting with weapon
  • W HeatMetal side kick


No major problems here with the paint work, it is mostly very tidy and even. If I had to be picky, there was just one or two little spots with a slight wavy paint application (eg. see front torso). The Double Driver is relatively well painted also, it’s not perfect but seeing as it is such a small item on his belt I can let it slide. Some parts of his body are moulded in colour with no paint applied, which is mostly okay but when there are flow lines in the plastic (see silver side torso) it can be very distracting, the red plastic can also come off a bit cheap (see red thigh). I think a bit of panel lining could really lift this figure and make it better than it already is.

  • W HeatMetal chest paint detail
  • W HeatMetal back paint detail
  • W HeatMetal chest paint/flowline detail
  • W HeatMetal thigh plastic detail


Some cool details on the figure worth a mention, the shoulder pads are hinged securely on the arms, feet are die-cast metal for extra stability as well as having articulated toes, knees are double jointed for extra movement and as promised earlier a more detailed shot of the hinged hip joint.

  • W HeatMetal hinged shoulder pads detail
  • W HeatMetal die-cast feet detail
  • W HeatMetal knee joint detail
  • W HeatMetal hip joint detail

Compared to Kamen Rider Decade, HeatMetal does look slightly taller and a bit more slender. When placed next to some 6” action figures, he’s almost in scale, and if you consider since Kamen Rider is Asian, he might just be shorter than Batman and Iron Man in real life, in which case he fits in perfectly!

  • Kamen Rider W HeatMetal vs Kamen Rider Decade
  • Batman vs Kamen Rider W HeatMetal vs Iron Man MKVI


S.H.Figuarts is really a great line of action figures to collect, the quality of the toy is great and price is pretty fair. By no mean is it a cheap toy, but then again this line is designed for the adult collector, not your 8 year old son / nephew.

I especially like the design of Kamen Rider W so for me, this guy was a win-win. Now I just gotta get CycloneJoker, LunarTrigger, FangJo…..

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