S.H.Figuarts Silver Fang Knight Zero


Rei Suzumura (涼邑 零) is the Silver Fanged Knight known as Zero from the Japanese tokusatsu series “Garo”. He is one of the sub-antagonist turned co-protagonist and has a complicated relationship with Kouga – The Golden Knight Garo. Zero wields a pair of short swords which can be locked together to form a crescent-shaped double-bladed boomerang called the Ginga Ginroken (銀牙銀狼剣).

S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero

Name: Zero
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: S.H.Figuarts
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM, Zndc
Release: Sept 2011
Original Price: ¥4,725 (approx. $56AUD / $59USD)
Height: 155mm / 6.10inches


As this is a Web Tamashii exclusive the toy comes boxed in a brown mailing box. Inside, Zero’s S.H.Figuarts packaging gets a really nice dark themed treatment, using a deep red backdrop to make the figure really standout.

  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero packaging outer mailing box
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero packaging front
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero packaging back
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero packaging inside


Zero comes with a pair of his signature weapons, the Ginroken which can be locked together to for the Ginga Ginroken. Of course he also gets optional hands to be able to weld the weapons.

  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero's Ginroken
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero's Ginga Ginroken


Zero’s sculpt is super sharp, in some places literally. I can see why they reserved this as a Web Tamashii exclusive, it is very special indeed. I love the proportions of the suit much more so that the main protagonist of the show. As expected, Zero’s feet are die-cast giving it a good weight distribution and making it easy to pose.

S.H.Figuarts Silver Fang Knight Zero


As you can probably see form the photos the articulation is quite good on this figure. Featuring the now standard double knee and elbow joints on S.H.Figuarts toys there really isn’t many poses it can’t be placed in. Waist joint isn’t too bad either with both rotating a rocking action although can’t be rotated very far. All the joints are nice and tight and stay in place very well.

  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero with Ginga Ginroken
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero with Ginga Ginroken ready to attack
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero Ginroken attack
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero Ginroken block
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero Ginroken pounce
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero kneeling


I had never thought a green and silver paint scheme could looks so nice, but this figure has proven me wrong. Not only does the colours work well together they have also been applied very tidily. Lots of little paint apps to bring out the sculptural detail in the armour which looks amazing.

  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero head paint detail
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero waist paint detail
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero back paint detail
  • S.H.Figuarts Garo Zero shoulder armour paint detail


I’m not sure if Zero is shorter than Garo in the show but in toy form he stands roughly 5mm shorter, but overall he looks and feels much bulkier and well proportioned.

  • S.H.Figuarts Zero vs Garo
  • S.H.Figuarts Zero vs Garo - literally!


As far as the actual figure is concerned, it’s pretty much flawless but I know there isn’t really much of a following for this series outside of Japan so the target market may be somewhat limited. Having said that, I’m not a huge fan of the series but I absolutely love this toy!

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    Why not getting a Makai Kado series?

    The quality is much more nicer

    • was tempted when the Madai Kado series came out but I can’t really afford to get into another line of toys, I have too many to collect as it is:P You have any photos of the Makai Kado series you can share? Would love to see what they are like!

    Nice review of a great figure. Thank you. I really enjoy this figure as well as the Garo figure. I am really hoping to see Kiba and maybe Dan but like you said, there doesn’t seem to be a big following for this line.

    The Makai Kado series that was mentioned are nice figures but are essentially remakes of the old Equip and Prop line with slightly better joints. Very nice looking but limited playability.

    The Kiwami Tamashii line of Garo figures is a good alternative. Almost as detailed as the Makai Kado, better playability and very inexepensive. Hope this helps and thanks again!

    • Hi Eric, I’m glad you liked the review! This is a nice figure and I also hope they release the rest of the Garo figures in this line!

      I heard a few mixed reviews about the Makai Kado series hence I’ve never gotten into it. However I do have Garo in the Kiwami Tamashii line and it is a cheap and fun figure!

      Thanks again for visiting!

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