S.I.C Vol. 62 Masked Rider ZX

It’s been a while since I’ve been interested in a S.I.C Kamen Rider figure but as soon as I saw this guy I was sold. Possibly due to the fact he comes equipped with a katana…I like Japanese swords!


Kamen Rider ZX is the 10th fictional superhero in the Kamen Rider franchise but did not star in his own TV series. It wasn’t until 1982 where he made his live-action debut in the Japanese TV special “Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Tgether!!”

ZX has been described as having the most cybernetic body of the first 10 Kamen Riders and has abilities and weapons reminiscent of a ninja including the shuriken, chain-sickles and most importantly (for me) the katana!

S.I.C Masked Rider ZX

Name: Masked Rider ZX
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: S.I.C
Sculptor: Takeya Takayuki / Fujioka Yukio
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, Die-cast
Release: Mar 2012
Original Price: ¥4,200 (approx. $52AUD / $52USD)
Height: 180mm / 7.08inches


I was quite surprised at the compact size of the packaging for this S.I.C release. With previous releases the packaging tended to be really large and spacious, often more so than they needed to be but this one is nice and slim. Accessories are laid out around the figure and can be seen clearly through the window. Great design and collector friendly

  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX packaging front
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX packaging back
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX packaging
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX packaging inside


Being a Ninja-esk Kamen Rider, ZX comes with a variety of death dealing accessories. First and foremost, he comes with a Katana which can be stored in the sheath, a Kunai (short trowel like knife), a bomb/grenade, a left leg armament part, a Shuriken, and Micro-chain to pull enemies in with. There are of course matching hand parts to hold all of these weapons.

  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with Katana
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with Kunai
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with bomb / grenade
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with left leg armament part
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with Shuriken
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX with Micro-chain


This is a fantastic looking S.I.C release, a huge improvement in terms of looks and proportions from the original design. Some may still prefer the original, but I love the modern updated look. The lines are very clean in terms of the sculpt and the revised design really emphasises the cyborg-ness of this character.

S.I.C Vol. 62 Masked Rider ZX


I’m pretty happy with the articulation on this toy in general, there are heaps of joints with great range of movement with the exception of the hip joints which cannot splay very far. This is an important joint especially for Ninja characters to allow for dynamic posing otherwise as you can see by the photos below, the poses are all quite upright and “stiff”.

  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX ready to rumble!
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX reaches for Katana
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX Katana drawn and ready to fight
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX Katana strike
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX resting after a fierce battle
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX ready to scale the wall


I am completely in love with this paint scheme. The deep red colour of his inner suit really pops in contrast with the gunmetal armour parts. The head has been given a slightly more glossy finish with an almost pearlescent effect. The scarf is translucent which looks beautiful with the light shining through. The utility belt looks super detailed and well finished as does the rest of the body.

  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX head paint detail
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX scarf paint detail
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX utility belt paint detail
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX arm paint detail
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX utility belt paint detail
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX feet paint detail


S.I.C figures are generally about 7” tall which means they fit nicely in with other 7” toys and in this case, I just couldn’t resist having ZX go head to head with Karas and Riden, it’s the battle of the Ninjas!! Lastly a comparison with Vol. 46 Kamen Rider 1, proportion-wise ZX’s head is smaller compared to Ichigo’s and the overall proportions are much less realistic and more anime inspired in my opinion.

  • S.O.G Karas vs S.I.C Masked Rider ZX vs S.I.C Riden
  • S.I.C Masked Rider ZX vs S.I.C Kamen Rider 1


Overall this is a very well designed and made toy. It would be perfect for fans of the Masked Rider franchise obviously, as well as 7” figures or collectors who like Ninja related characters – like me! Compared to US toys of the same size, the price is steeper but look closely and you’ll appreciate exactly why. Thanks for reading!

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    awesome review. i love this site. thanks. well, i finally got mine for my birthday, and this figure is incredible. the only flaw i find on this perfect figure are the arms come off at the biceps. i thought i broke them off. easily re-inserted. besides that, great figure! thanks for being an enabler.

    • Hi Rupert thanks for visiting my site, I’m glad you find it informative! This is an incredible figure isn’t it, I absolutely love mine! Glad the arms snap back in…I’d be devastated if I broke mine haha…

    Whilst I’m not a fan of the modern Kamen Rider aesthetic, this is one nice action figure. Your pictures & concise text make for great eye-candy, & easy yet informative reading. I like the comparison pics to the excellent Kamen Rider 1 figure, which also was an enjoyable read.

    How do find the modern S.H. Figuarts figures compare to these S.I.C.’s? I’ve finally decided to go ahead & add the S.I.C. KR The First figure to my collection. But I’m unsure if the Figuarts version may be the better choice?

    Articulation is of no importance to me, just a solid interpretation, which is why I’m leaning towards the S.I.C. version. Also the Cyclone appears to be a little bit more solid with the S.I.C. version.

    Either way, all the best & thanks for your great reviews.

    • Hi Chris, I’m really glad you found the reviews enjoyable and informative, that’s exactly what I was going for:)

      I do like both the SIC and SHFiguarts line of Kamen Rider figures, BUT not every character in each line. I find sometimes the SIC interpretation can look “blobby” for some charactors whilst the SHFiguarts interpretation can sometimes look too skinny. It really depends on what scale you want to collect, and just choose the best looking figures in that line. The SIC are about 7″ tall, and the SHFiguarts are around 6″ tall.

      To me, the SHFiguarts versions are cleaner and crisper whereas the SIC line tend to be more organic and “real”..? I hope this helps!

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