Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod

Freshly back from my holiday in Japan, I thought I better post something up before you all think I’ve gone missing XD. Here’s one I prepared (mostly) earlier. Please enjoy!


Movie Realization BatmanThe Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod is the result of the collaboration between legendary manga artist and self proclaimed Batman fanatic Masakazu Katsura (桂正和) and Takayuki Takeya (竹谷 隆之), brilliant sculptor and the man behind the Super Imaginative Chogokin aka S.I.C toy series.

The Batman and Bat-pod designs are based on the movie “The Dark Knight” released in 2008, re-imagined for the Movie Realization toy line by Bandai.

Name: Batman & Bat-pod
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Movie Realization (S.I.C)
Sculptor: Takayuki Takeya
Designer: Masakazu Katsura
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM, Die-cast
Release: Sept 2009
Original Price: ¥8,500 (approx. $101.50AUD / $100USD)
Secondary Market Price: $250USD – $430USD
Height (Batman): 200mm / 7.87inches
Length (Bat-pod): 380mm / 14.96inches


The packaging for this toy is monstrous. It is roughly the same size as my snowboard boots shoebox, if not wider. It is really nicely made but there are heaps of empty spaces inside as you can imagine. The top flips open to reveal the contents inside, and the contents are held in by plastic trays with minimal use of twisty wires. Artwork on this box is amazing, there is a large batman close-up on the front, a “looking over the city” full body drawing on the inside lid, and tonnes of photos showing the actual toy in action. Artwork drawn by Masakazu Katsura.

  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging front
  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging open lid
  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging back
  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging inside
  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging 3 quarter view
  • Movie Realization Batman & Bat-pod packaging artwork on lid


Batman isn’t one to rely on weapons when dealing with the bad guys, but he does have a few “tricks” up his sleeve. He comes with his grappling hook gun and a batarang. Both very nicely made, and painted to perfection. Included are also various hands to handle to batarang, the grappling gun as well as a pair to ride the Bat-pod.

  • Movie Realization Batman with grappling hook gun
  • Movie Realization Batman with batarang


Straight away, you can see that this figure is not a direct translation of the movie design. Masakazu has made some interesting changes to the Dark Knight’s second suit, some of which may not be to everyone’s liking. Firstly, this Batman is quite tall and slender with a very thin waist. Then there is the neck brace-like piece, the double layered shoulder pads and the see through Kevlar chest. Regardless I still think he looks kick-ass!

Movie Realization Batman

The Bat-pod too, has had some slight changes made to the original movie design. It is slightly more organic looking with more curves built into a lot of the components. There is a fair amount of die-cast in this toy which includes the front steering rack, and the rear left wheel components (I’m not actually sure what its called or what it does haha). With all the die-cast parts on one side of the toy it makes the Bat-pod very left heavy, so a display stand (included) is essential to keep it standing straight. Even with this flaw, it is still a beautiful machine!

  • Movie Realization Bat-pod left side
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod right side
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod front 3 quarter view
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod rear 3 quarter view


Compared to most Batman action figures available, this one is ahead of the league. It has a total of 23 points of articulation including the double jointed knee and elbows. I do wish that it had a swivel joint on the thighs to give it more movement in the lower body like the Mattel Movie Masters Batman though. Once again, the solid rubber cape does hinder poses somewhat, but not as bad as the Mattel Movie Masters version.

  • Movie Realization Batman throwing batarang
  • Movie Realization Batman fighting
  • Movie Realization Batman kick
  • Movie Realization Batman kneeling heroically
  • Movie Realization Batman about to smash some thug!
  • Movie Realization Batman aiming grappling gun

Unlike the Mattel Movie Masters version, this Batman was quite easy to mount onto the Bat-pod and is actually able to look where he’s going when riding the thing.

  • Movie Realization Batman riding Bat-pod
  • Movie Realization Batman riding Bat-pod
  • Movie Realization Batman attack from Bat-pod
  • Movie Realization Batman standing by his trusty Bat-pod


Paint job is just wonderful on this toy, I really cannot find any faults at all. All the black areas are consistent in terms of gloss and shade and really make the colours areas like his belt and chest Kevlar pop!

  • Movie Realization Batman face paint detail
  • Movie Realization Batman Kevlar and belt paint detail
  • Movie Realization Batman grappling gun paint detail
  • Movie Realization Batman chest Kevlar paint detail

The Bat-pod is where all the paint action is at with this release. It is simply awesome with so much subtle paint detail that it really makes the toy come to life. Click photos to see details!

  • Movie Realization Bat-pod arm guard paint detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod exhaust pipe paint detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod rear wheel mechanism paint detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod controls paint detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod front wheel and guns paint detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod fuel tank cover paint detail


There is a really cool gimmick on this toy that I really like, and that is the folding blades on the gauntlets. They can be folded down flat, or deployed when in battle just like in the movie!

  • Movie Realization Batman's folding gauntlet blades retracted
  • Movie Realization Batman's folding gauntlet blades deployed

If you look closely at the details on the Bat-pod, you can see that the sculptor has even captured the welds of the metal, how amazing is this?!

  • Movie Realization Bat-pod weld detail
  • Movie Realization Bat-pod weld detail

The rubber wheels on this Bat-pod are very solid and does not compress like the Mattel version hence adding to the solid feel of this Bat-pod. Speaking of Mattel, here’s the Movie Masters Batman standing beside Bandai’s version for size reference.

  • Movie Realization Bat-pod's solid rubber wheels
  • Mattel Movie Masters Batman vs Bandai Movie Realization Batman!

Last but not least, some shots of the Mattel Movie Masters Bat-pod up against Bandai’s release. Both look great, but the difference in quality is huge. Size wise, the difference is not as dramatic as the figures which might explain why Bandai’s version of the Batman fits so much better to his Bat-pod.

  • Bandai Movie Realization Bat-pod vs Mattel Movie Masters Bat-pod
  • Bandai Movie Realization Bat-pod vs Mattel Movie Masters Bat-pod


Finally, I think this is a most definitely must have for any Batman fan. It is such a stunning toy in every way (which may explain why the second hand market value has doubled / tripled). If you can find a good example for a fair price, I’d say go for it.

Thanks again for reading my sometimes overly long review, I hope you enjoyed it!

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    he looks great..!

  • hye, want to ask, i’ve just bought one yesterday and i realized this version got 2 version, Japan Version and Pacific Version, do u know whats the different between them and how to identify mine was asia od japan version,. thank u.

    • hi izuan, I’ve had a look at my box and I can’t see any stickers to markings denoting which version mine is, but I purchased mine from HLJ a while ago so I assume it would be the Japanese version. Does yours have any stickers on the box? My guess is there isn’t really any significant differences, if any at all.

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