Konami Specter Figure + DVD


Originally available only at the 2005 Wonder Festival as a limited edition release, it was later sold through the Konami website due to the poor sales from the event and the large amount of stock left. Specter is a relatively unloved Tokusatsu show, but I just love the suit design and was lucky to find this at Mandarake in Akihabara for a good price!

Konami Specter

Name: Specter
Manufacturer: Konami
Sculptor: Takayuki Takeya + Fujioka Yukio
Designer: Masayuki Gotou
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ATBC, PVC, ABS, Iron
Release: 2005
Original Price: ¥12,000 (approx. $140AUD / $148USD)
Height: 178mm / 7.01inches


It’s not hard to imagine why this toy bombed at the 2005 Wonfes. One look at the packaging versus their asking price and I’m sure you too would have walked right past and skipped this toy. Packaging is a relatively uninspiring blister pack design with very limited graphics, at least the toy sits well in there and you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money.

  • Konami Specter packaging front
  • Konami Specter packaging back


Specter comes with a pair of pistols (Robocop inspired design perhaps?) and a pair of what look like light sabers – not the most conventional weapon for a Japanese crime fighting hero but whatever works I guess. With this limited edition release, he also comes with a 43 minute DVD movie which I haven’t been able to watch this yet as the DVD is region 2. A display plate is also included, no foot pegs though.

  • Konami Specter with a pair of pistols
  • Konami Specter with a pair of light sabers
  • Konami Specter's 43 min DVD
  • Konami Specter's display plate


The first thing that attracted me to this toy was the character design and the sharp looking sculpt, it was only afterwards that I realized the man responsible for this toy was none other than Takayuki Takeya (sculptor for Bandai’s S.I.C line), no wonder it caught my eye! I have to say I know nothing about the character but I love the way it looks, the armour looks very mecha-ish with heaps of mechanical detail throughout the toy- absolutely love it!

Konami Specter


Articulation isn’t the best with this toy, it does have quite a lot of joints but the joint designs are rather primitive so movement isn’t great. There are 18 points of articulation but this includes 2 in the shoulder pads and a chest joint that moves only about 5mm each side. The neck is double jointed, but again one of the joints only allow an additional 5mm tilt. The result of all this, as you can see below are poses that aren’t very diverse at all. Oh I almost forgot, the fingers are articulated (not individually except for the index finger) to hold the weapons.

  • Konami Specter ready to fight
  • Konami Specter takes aim
  • Konami Specter holding his pistol
  • Konami Specter double sword
  • Konami Specter with sword and gun combo
  • Konami Specter armed and ready to go!


Paint finish is quite good on this toy. The armour has a nice textured metallic finish that reflects light beautifully. There are “orbs” all around the body which are transparent and “shine” when in the right light. The pistols have also been painted with highlighting applied to bring out the detail.

  • Konami Specter head paint detail
  • Konami Specter waist paint detail
  • Konami Specter back paint detail
  • Konami Specter arm paint detail
  • Konami Specter feet paint detail
  • Konami Specter pistol paint detail


To give you guys an idea of the relative size of Specter, I’ve put him up against some of the other toys in my collection. First up is Neca Predator, much bigger than Specter. Then we have Manga Realization Batman, again he is much taller than Specter. Mattel Batman and Hasbro Iron Man are too small, but finally we have Max Factory Karas who is around the same scale – and (original) price!

  • Konami Specter vs Neca Predator Berserker
  • Konami Specter Manga Realization Batman
  • Konami Specter vs Mattel Batman and Hasbro Iron Man VI
  • Konami Specter vs S.O.G Karas Otoha


This toy obviously won’t be to everyone’s taste, especially being from a relatively obscure show, and at such a high price point. I would say, if you don’t absolutely LOVE the character design or story line then there’s no real need to buy this guy, there are far more far better toys out there for the same price or less.

Thanks for reading:)

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    may I know where or how did you get this toy? I’ve been looking for it for a couple of years and still no luck.. thx

  • oops, sorry, you already mentioned it…

    • Hi Gerry, you can try looking on Mandarake’s website from time to time. They have an English version of the site, alternatively you can try Japan yahoo auctions…Goodluck!

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