Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar & Victory Set 1

GaoGaiGar is a great combining super robot anime series which I absolutely love. Sure the obligatory combining sequence in every episode can become a bit repetitive but the storyline is intriguing and the characters are full of personality. Highly recommended!


GaoGaiGar, also known as “The King of Braves GaoGaiGar (勇者王ガオガイガー )” is an anime series that began in 1997. The story takes place in the year 2005, the Japanese government creates a secret organization “Gutsy Geoid Guard” aka GGG to combat an alien life form known as “Zonderians” on Earth who uses Zonder metals to infuse human hosts with nearby machines to turn them into “Zonders”. Once turned they will seek out to destroy the source of their stress and it’s up to the GGG to stop them with the help of Galeon (mechanical lion of alien origin), Guy (cyborg) and GaoMachines which combine to form GaiGaiGar!

SRC GaoGaiGar

Name: GaoGaiGar
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Super Robot Chogokin
Designer: Kunio Okawara
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, POM, PVC, Die-cast
Release: Aug 2011
Original Price: ¥5,000 (approx. $63AUD / $65USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.7inches


If there is one word to describe the packaging design, that word would be “exciting”. The graphics and the photos convey action and power, quite appropriate for this toy. I also like the fact the box is quite compact, and all contents are stored tightly inside without wasting much space. Same goes for the Key to Victory Set 1 (sold separately).

  • SRC GaoGaiGar & Key to Victory Set 1 packaging front
  • SRC GaoGaiGar & Key to Victory Set 1 packaging back
  • SRC GaoGaiGar packaging inside
  • SRC Key to Victory Set 1 packaging inside


GaoGaiGar comes with a mountain of accessories, heaps more than most toys I’ve owned! It comes with the Dividing Driver, option unmasked face part, Broken Magnum effect part, Zonder core, Protect Shade effect part and of course extra optional hand parts. All the accessories are beautifully made and easy to swap around, but I was surprised to find that the Protect Shade effect part was made from the same thin material as the packaging liner, not that it mattered to me.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Dividing Driver
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with unmasked face part
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Broken Magnum effect part clipped on
  • SRC GaoGaiGar holding up Zonder core
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Hell and Heaven final attack hand part
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Protect Shade effect part

And if you want even more accessories, and who doesn’t, you can purchase the Key to Victory Set 1 for an additional ¥2,000. With this set you get Goldymarg in Marg hand mode (non-transformable), Goldion Hammer, optional hand parts and those yellow energy spiky things GaoGaiGar uses to extract Zonder cores with. The Hammer itself is relatively heavy so it is difficult to do any sort of pose apart from holding it upright, but other than that it’s an excellent addition to the toy.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Marg hand
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Marg hand holding Goldion Hammer
  • SRC GaoGaiGar pulling out energy spike from Marg hand
  • SRC GaoGaiGar extracted Zonder core with energy spike

Last but not least, GaoGaiGar came with a bonus “Overload” effect part. This is a cool 4 piece snap together translucent base which adds a lot of action to an otherwise stationary object.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar with bonus overload effect part
  • SRC bonus effect part


From any angle, this version of GaoGaiGar looks absolutely perfect. The proportions are spot on, the details are crisp and plentiful and everything just fits together effortlessly. Being from a Chogokin line it does of course contain die-cast parts, and these are present in the leg area, namely the tracks of the DrillGao. Not a lot but enough to make this guy feel relatively solid.

Super Robot Chogokin King of Braves GaoGaiGar


Not only does GaoGaiGar look awesome, it also features amazing articulation. In fact there are so many moving parts I’m not exactly sure how I can accurately count the number of joints on this toy, but as far as I can tell there are over 30 joints and moving parts in total – very impressive. The joints themselves are all nice and tight and hold poses well with the exception of the hip joints as the legs are rather heavy.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar preparing for battle
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Dividing Driver!!!!
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Hell and Heaven!!!!
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Broken Magnum punch!!
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Zonder core in hand
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Broken Magnum punch again!!
  • SRC GaoGaiGar with Marg hand attack
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Goldion Hammer attack!


So far the toy is looking good in all departments, and it looks like the streak will continue with the paint. As you can see, everything is painted with great detail and clarity. I can hardly find any mistakes, over sprays, uneven paint or bad colour matching. Honestly, there is nothing to fault here and it’s quite amazing to see such high quality paint app on such a small figure.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar head paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Galeon chest paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar LinerGao shoulder paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar arm paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar DrillGao knee paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Marg hand paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar StealthGao wing paint detail
  • SRC GaoGaiGar Marg hand paint detail


There are some really cool gimmicks on this toy, including the sliding knee feature which actually allows the legs to bend even further back.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar sliding knee gimmick
  • SRC GaoGaiGar sliding knee gimmick

The mouth of Galeon can be closed, not that it should be in this mode but its nice to know the feature is there.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar chest opening/closing mouth gimmick
  • SRC GaoGaiGar chest opening/closing mouth gimmick

To my surprise the wings on the StealthGao is actually hinged which I’ve never seen in other GaoGaiGar toys. This allows the arms to have less obstruction when rotating, a nice touch.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar hinged wing gimmick
  • SRC GaoGaiGar hinged wing gimmick

Lastly, to give you an idea of the size of this toy I’ve got a Kotobukiya Hybrid Full Action model GaoGaiGar to compare against the Bandai version. Sure the Bandai version isn’t as big and doesn’t have as much die-cast content, but I think it’s a much nicer looking representation and it is also much better executed. For those that aren’t familiar with either toy lines, here’s the 3.75” Stormtrooper with GaoGaiGar.

  • SRC GaoGaiGar vs Kotobukiya Hybrid Full Action GaoGaiGar
  • SRC GaoGaiGar vs 3.75'' Stormtrooper


The good news, I’m happy to report that this is a great toy. It is really well designed and made with great finishing touches. The bad news, is that as of writing it is now sold out at all major online retailers so if you want to get your hands on this amazing little gem, you’ll have to jump online and scour through forums and secondary online shopping sites to find this guy. There are still a few floating around with a reasonable price tag so act quick before they’re all gone!

Thanks for reading!

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