Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z


SRC Shin Mazinger Z

Name: Shin Mazinger Z
Series: Mazinger Z
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Super Robot Chogokin
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, Diecast
Release: May 2012
Original Price: ¥5,184JPY
Height: 140mm / 5.11inches


Nothing new here we haven’t seen from the SRC line, packaging is nice as always and full of impact with bold text, shiny letters and action filled photography. Inside there is no space spared, everything is tightly packed and well protected.

  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z packaging front
  • SRC Shin Mazinger packaging Z back
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z packaging
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z packaging content


Shin Mazinger Z comes with plenty of accessories including an optional chest plate, breast fire effect part, a hand gripping a destroyed Garada K7 head (I love this one), weapon gripping hands (for use with swords from Mazinger Z / Great Mazinger Z), pointing finger hand and of course the God Scrander. Another accessory that is included but not pictured is an extra belt for use with the standard Mazinger Z Jet Scrander which is sold separately in the Mazinger Weapon Set.

  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z optional chest plate
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z breast fire effect part
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z destroyed Garada K7 hand
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z sword holding hands
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z pointing finger hand
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z God Scrander


Shin Mazinger Z gets a whole new body with thicker limbs and brand new head sculpt, much beefier and better proportioned than the original SRC Mazinger Z toy. I also much prefer the monochrome black and silver colour scheme instead of the dark blue found on the original. This is all personal preference of course as I like my Super Robots to be fat and chunky!

Super Robot Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z


Even with extendable hip and ankle joints Shin Mazinger Z is still limited somewhat to the poses that it can pull off. You can’t really get very wide stances happening but it’s a vast improvement over the Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z figure. However unlike the GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z this version is unable to transform and recreate the Big Bang Punch feature. Overall it’s still a fun figure to pose and take photos of.

  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z karate chop!
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z points up at the sky
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z breast fire attack!!
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z rocket punch!
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z, destroyer of Garada K7
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z, oh yeah~!


The paint job on this Shin Mazinger Z is flawless and super detailed. It’s only when you zoom in all the way and look closely at the Jet Pilader do you finally find some trace of untidy paint, honestly I didn’t even notice this until I took this photo with my macro lens.

  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z head paint detail
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z chest paint detail
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z back paint detail
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z Jet Pilader paint detail


A couple of size comparisons for reference.

  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z vs SRC Mazinkaiser SKL
  • SRC Shin Mazinger Z vs Stormtrooper


In my review of the Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z figure, I mentioned I was searching for the perfect Mazinger figure for my collection, I have yet to find it but this SRC Shin Mazinger is definitely close, very close. I don’t mind the fact it cannot transform, I’ve never been a fan of that mode anyway but if it had better articulation in the legs it would be have been perfect. This one is a keeper for sure, and will be my default Mazinger figure until something better comes along…

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