Shin Seiki Gokin Getter 1 Full Mantle SG-18

Firstly, Happy New Years everyone, welcome to the first review of 2011 here at TBC!! During one of HLJ‘s sales a couple of months back, I acquired this guy at well under half the price. He was never on my list of things to get, but at this price, who could resist? I couldn’t have been happier, unless of course if this happened to be the Anime Export Weathering Limited Edition! soon…hehe


SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle FaceGetter 1 is the flight combat combination of the Getter Robo team, made up of three separate jets that can combine into three different versions of Getter Robo for different conditions and situations.

In this mode, the pilot of the Eagle jets takes command of the Getter Robo. In the case of the original 1974 anime, this would be none other than Ryoma Nagare (流竜馬)!

The full mantle comes from the OVA “Change! Getter Robo: Armegeddon” (真ゲッターロボ~世界最後の日), it appears as Ryoma charges the enemy.

Name: Getter 1 Full Mantle
Manufacturer: Aoshima
Line: Shin Sheiki Gokin [新世紀合金] SG-18
Designer: Ken Ishikawa
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast
Release: Oct 2007
Original Price: ¥12,800 (approx. $154AUD / $150USD)
Secondary Market Price: $90USD – $160USD
Height: 178mm / 7.36inches


Starting with the packaging, you’ll notice that it is quite huge compared to packaging for the other figures in the same series, the reason for this being the fact that the outer box has to fit a normal sized polystyrene box which contains the main toy, as well as a smaller cardboard box which contains the cap and the full mantle part. Artwork on the front of the box looks great, done in the same style as the anime with Getter 1 holding onto the head of a decapitated Getter Dragon.

  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle packaging front
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle packaging back
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle's contents inside the main box
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle's polystyrene box holds the figure and accessories
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle's card bord box holds the full mantle and cape
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle packaging three quarter view


Getter 1 comes with a pair of Getter Tomahawks, a decapitated Getter Dragon head with a newly sculpted hand to hold it, a cape and of course the full mantle part. I was disappointed to discover that this version of the Getter 1 did not come with the pair of Getter Machine Guns, oh well, all the reason to buy another SSG Getter 1 hehe!

  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle with a pair of Getter Tomahawks
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle with Getter Dragon's head
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle with cape on
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle on!


Sculpturally speaking, this Getter 1 looks great. The proportions are spot on and everything is super solid and nicely weighted thanks to all the die-cast parts. I’m still undecided on whether or not I mind all the holes at the back of the toy, sure it makes the toy look more old school, but at the same time it is very distracting and takes away from the nice rounded and simple design of the Getter 1. It would be nice if Aoshima supplied those plastic plug parts for those who can’t stand those holes.

Shin Seiki Gokin Getter 1 Full Mantle


This series is not known for its articulation, and if that is what you are after then you’re looking at the wrong toy. Sure it has multiple points of articulation from the feet, knees, hips, to the shoulders, elbows, wrist and head, but due to its design and materials, it’s all quite restrictive. The elbow does extend to give you a better range of movement, the hips also extends but only by about 2mm or so which I found to be rather useless. Nonetheless, it can do a few “nice” poses, see below.

  • SSG Getter 1 with Getter Tomahawk
  • SSG Getter 1 with Getter Tomahawks
  • SSG Getter 1 holding Getter Dragon's decapitated head
  • SSG Getter 1 going crazy
  • SSG Getter 1 cross armed looking cool
  • Victory for Getter 1 against Getter Dragon!


This toy is quite well painted and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has been lightly weathered, although not to the extent of the Anime Export Weathering version. Most of the paint is quite tidy and evenly applied, with the exception of a pair of hands which has had black marker “weathering” effect applied. It’s the right weapon holding hand, and left head holding hand, you can see the marker is totally off the mark, really unacceptable. Luckily, its only these two hands.

  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle head and chest paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle chest and waist paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle hand and Tomahawk paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle hand and Getter Dragon head paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle legs paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle cape paint detail

The full mantle PVC part also has paint shadowing applied to give the folds more depth and ridges more contrast.

  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle paint detail
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle paint detail


The Getter 1 toy has quite a few cool features to mention. Firstly there is the opening cockpit for the Eagle Machine on the chest, nicely detailed with a seat inside. On the chest you can also see the clear parts that give you a glimpse into the internal mechanics of the Getter Robo. On the waist, the black stripe slides apart for the cockpit of the Bear Machine, its not as detailed as the Eagle machine cockpit though.

  • SSG Getter 1 Eagle machine cockpit
  • SSG Getter 1 Bear machine cockpit

Moving on, there’s a button on the Getter Robo’s back which when pressed opens the hatch on the stomach of the Getter Robo for the Getter Beam attack. Speaking of the back, the top cover can be taken off to reveal a silver panel which I’m actually not too sure what it’s for.

  • SSG Getter 1 Getter Beam hatch
  • SSG Getter 1's back detail

Just a couple of close-up shots showing the extending elbow mechanism, with this mechanism it allows the elbows to bend almost 90 degrees, one thing to watch out for is that the biceps and forearms actually touch and the paint can chip.

  • SSG Getter 1 extending elbow joint
  • SSG Getter 1's elbow joint can chip paint

Then there is the transformation to the Full Mantle mode. Firstly you have to take off the cape, pop the head and arms off, put the head spacer back on (you can leave this on in normal mode but it does make Getter 1’s neck look super long), then slip the mantle over the body and re-attach the head, and there you have it! Note that the arms stay off in this mode.

  • First, take off the cape
  • Then take off the head and arms
  • Make sure the head spacer is on
  • Pop the mantle on then reattach the head

Here you can see the SSG Getter 1 lined up against the SSG Shin Getter 1, size wise I would have thought the Shin Getter would be a bit bigger, but its not far off. And a shot of SSG Getter 1 vs SOC GX49 Mazinger Z just for size comparison.

  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle vs SSG Shin Getter 1
  • SSG Getter 1 Full Mantle vs SOC GX-49 Mazinger Z


The SSG Getter 1 is a great toy, but I wouldn’t have purchased this particular one if not for the massive discount. For the same price I’d go for the Anime Export Weathering limited edition, as it comes with the pair of Getter Machine Guns and properly weathered paintjob, which to me is more desirable than the full mantle or the Getter Dragon’s decapitated head. Still, this is a great addition to the collection!

Thanks again for stopping by, more reviews to come in 2011!!

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    Happy New Year to you and TBC!!

    Another great review! Funny, I was having doubts of getting this one or the limited weathering version. This review helped me … soon I will have a weathering Getter 1 next to the blood painiting Black Getter … now, if only I could get my hands on a Shin Getter weathering too …

    The “hunt” is on. :o)

    Keep on the good (I mean excellent) work!

    • Hi Danny, happy new year to you too:)

      Glad that I could help you make your decision and thanks for your support and feedback. Good luck with the hunt, hope you get your hands on that Shin Getter weathering soon!^_^

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