VF100’s VF-25S Messiah Ozma Custom

The figure being reviewed today is from one of my favourite Macross anime TV series “Macross Frontier”, and is none other than the custom VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie of Skull Squadron Leader Ozma Lee (オズマ・リー).


VF100's VF-25S Messiah Ozma CustomMacross Frontier (マクロスフロンティア) is the most recent anime series from the Macross Universe which aired from December 23 of 2007 and is chronologically subsequent to Macross 7(1994 – 1996).

The story focuses on three main characters and the events that revolve around them as the human space colony “Frontier” faces attacks from an unknown alien enemy.

Ozma Lee is a top ace pilot of the S.M.S (private military company) and the leader of the Skull Squadron. For more information on the characters and the anime series, see here.

Name: VF-25S Messiah Ozma Custom
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: VF100’s
Scale: 1/100
Material: ABS
Release: 2009
Original Price: ¥4,800 (approx. $60AUD / $55USD)
Height: 140mm / 5.51inches
(150mm to top of antenna in battroid mode)


The VF100’s comes in a collector’s box with flip open lid to allow a glimpse of the figure in battroid mode as well as the arm shield and knife. All accessories have their allocated slots within the 4 layered plastic lining, but getting them out was a bit of a challenge if you wanted to keep the original tape intact which held the small bits in place.

VF100's VF-25S Messiah Ozma Custom packaging


Ozma’s VF-25S comes with two guns (one for battroid mode, one for fighter mode), the knife, arm shield, a couple extra sets of hands and a whole lot of other crap (#$&*!@#$) which is required to transform the VF-25S to the 3 different modes. Apart from the obvious question of why there needs to be so many parts to do the transformation, I also wonder how hard it would have been for Bandai to just make one gun that can open and close to be used for both the battroid and fighter modes. (Seriously, a big company like Bandai can’t manage that?!)

  • VF-25S gun
  • VF-25S knife
  • VF-25S #$&*!@#$


In all three modes, the sculpt is pretty nice and the proportions are very close to the line art. It doesn’t look as bulky as the DX toy, but it is also much smaller and feels less “substantial” than I had originally anticipated. For the size of the figure, it is comparatively well detailed and everything looks crisp and sharp.

VF-25S Messiah Ozma Custom front and back

Fighter Mode:
A couple of problems I found with this figure when in fighter mode. Some of the parts and panels don’t line up all that well which leaves unsightly gaps, and the legs have nothing to snap or click into which makes it difficult for them to stay in place but overall it looks quite good.

  • VF-25S fighter mode front
  • VF-25S fighter mode side
  • VF-25S fighter mode front three quarter
  • VF-25S fighter mode rear three quarter

Gerwalk Mode:
This is probably the worst of the 3 modes, but not because of the way it looks. As you can probably see, it looks great in this mode – but only until you pick it up and try to pose with it. Because of the leg extensions required to transform to gerwalk mode, the legs become very flimsy and loose, more so than the other 2 modes and it tends to want to do the split all the time.

  • VF-25S gerwalk mode front
  • VF-25S gerwalk mode front three quarter


This figure has quite a decent amount of articulation, the only problem being keeping the pose as most of the joints are very loose! This can become quite annoying as it limits the way you can display this figure, and to be honest this figure is probably best left for displaying rather than for playing with. (The kicking pose was aided with a stand)

  • VF-25S aiming gun
  • VF-25S standing proud
  • VF-25S close quarter combat
  • VF-25S side kick

In gerwalk mode, the legs are basically useless. So to stop the whole thing from flopping to the ground, you’d have to snap on the clear display adaptor – only two problems with this, firstly the legs will look very rigid and upright and secondly there is no display stand included (available separately for ¥1,365!!?!?).

  • VF-25S gerwalk
  • VF-25S gerwalk rear with stand adapter


This is one of the few positives I found with the figure. Paint job is nice and crisp with no visible sign of over spray or patchiness, and the pad printing is quite sharp considering the size, and there is plenty of it!

  • VF-25S Skull Leader symbol
  • VF-25S S.M.S Logo
  • Example of fine pad print on the VF-25S
  • Good paint but bad part alignment


One of the biggest downfalls with this figure is the transformation process. If you consider this to be a toy, even for an adult collector the process is just unacceptable to the point where it could actually drive you insane at times. Firstly you have to take the entire thing apart, swap 80% of the bits over and put it together again. Surely there is a better way of doing all this using even less parts that you can potentially loose (and if you do you’re screwed!). Even deploying the landing gears in fighter mode involves swapping parts.

  • Transforming the VF-25S
  • 'Deploying' the landing gears

Speaking of the landing gears, I thought they looked great, it was one of the reasons I bought the damned thing which made it even more disappointing when I found out it was a parts swap deployment.

  • 'VF-25S Front landing gears
  • 'VF-25S Rear landing gears


I really liked the look of this figure in all 3 modes, but the transformation really gave me shivers. The first time it took a good 20 minutes or so just figuring what all the extra parts were, then another 10 minutes doing the actual transformation.

As a model, yes this is a great pre-finished model with good paint and print, but as a toy, it is absolutely terrible. At a hefty retail price of ¥4,800 (approx. $60AUD / $55USD), I was expecting something a little better engineered in terms of transformation.

Now, if you’re thinking about getting into this line you may want to wait until you see them on sale, even though I love Macross Frontier I would only consider buying more from this line if I see at least a 30% sale – however the VF-19kai Fire Valkyrie (VF-19改 ファイヤーバルキリー) looks promising! (Jan 2010 release)

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    Thanks for the toy review. It’s really great.

    Tell me about it! The whole getup with putting all the parts together is no pleasant ride. I still have my own VF-25F Messiah to build. And it’s a 1/72 scale! Took me ages to build up Gundam Exia 00 1/100. Don’t want to even find out the rough estimate it’s going to patch everything together.

  • no worries man, thanks for visiting!

    I have to say, I do like the toy when it is in robot mode I just hate the transformation! Wow, post some pics up when u complete the 1/72!! It should be good!!

    • Will certainly do!

      I’ll have to do this on my Facebook account, rather than my own blog. For now.

      So far I haven’t seen any WP plugins that intuitively places the images I like in each posts

    • sure thing, let me know when images are up, love to take a peek!

      yeah i’m not too familiar with WP plugins, my partner does most of the programming for me:P

    i already have the VF100 alto’s custom.. and yeah he got the same flimsy foot as your VF-25S. but actually, you can have more gerwalk poses if you make a “flat-foot” on one foot and a “jet-exhaust-mode” on the other.

  • I have all 3 of these series. They are very nice actually. Parts swapping can be a pain for the 1st time but it will grow on you after 2-3 transformation attempts. You might want to sand some parts to loosen them and avoid breakage. For the joints that are loose, you may use a white glue to tighten them(never Super glue).

    The details, proportion and painting on this figure are just amazing. I highly recommend this for those who want to display them.

    • thanks for the tips kickassaze, don’t get me wrong, they look great in each mode, its only the transformation method that I’m not 100% convinced about. It works, but I think Bandai could have done a better job, being Bandai…:P

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