Wave 1:10 Deunan Knute


Deunan Knute (デュナン・ナッツ) is the main protagonist from the sci-fi mange and anime series “Appleseed”. One of the members of the ES.W.A.T (Extra Special Weapons and Tactics), she is a highly skilled but often impatient warrior. Wave Deunan KnuteShe is an expert in weapons handling, explosives, hand to hand combat as well as Landmate piloting.

Description from the packaging: Beautiful and highly-skilled warrior. Trained by her father, a commander and instructor for the Special Forces, she grows up to be a solider. Most of Deunan’s life has been on the battlefield, and thus she is not used to ordinary everyday life. Even now, years after leaving that environment for the city state of Olympus, her behaviour can sometimes seem strange and out of place. Generally she is happy as a member of Olympus ES.W.A.T, with her Cyborg partner and lover, Briareos.

Name: Deunan Knute [First Edition]
デュナン・ナッツ [初回生産限定パーツ付属]
Manufacturer: Wave Corporation
Sculptor: Matsuura Ken
Designer: Masamune Shirow (士郎 正宗)
Scale: 1/10
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: Aug 2008
Original Price: ¥8,800 (approx. $105AUD / $107USD)
Secondary Market Price: $95USD – $195USD
Height: 165mm / 6.49inches


Packaged in exactly the same way as the Briareos figure, except it is smaller as Deunan has a much smaller build than her Cyborg partner. The clear PVC case allows you to see almost all the way around the toy so you know exactly what you are forking your precious dosh out for. An image of the figure is printed on the box, as well as the product information. On the back there is a bit more info about Deunan and the anime itself, but its all in Japanese. The toy itself is secured between two plastic trays which simply clips together to hold her in place, nice and simple and no twisty wires in sight – very collector friendly.

  • Wave Deunan Knute packaging front
  • Wave Deunan Knute packaging back
  • Wave Deunan Knute packaging inside
  • Wave Deunan Knute accessories packaging


No she’s not holding the head of her decapitated twin, she comes with a spare just in case she looses one in battle XD (First edition only). Also included is an eye-patch like eye piece that can be attached to either head. Weapons wise, she comes with her trusty blade which can be sheathed and clipped to her belt on the back, her pistol which can be holstered on her right leg, and the assault rifle. Of course, she comes with hands to hold each of the weapons, and fitment is pretty good.

  • Wave Deunan Knute with spare head
  • Wave Deunan Knute blade and sheath
  • Wave Deunan Knute pistol and holster
  • Wave Deunan Knute with her assault rifle


On the whole, the sculpt is quite impressive however there’s something not quite right with her face. I mean, she looks like Deunan because you know she is supposed to be Deunan, but compared to her anime movie counterpart, her face looks too round and her eyes a bit too small. I do think a face is very important on any toy so this was a bit of a let down. Apart from that, her armour is spot on, highly detailed and made with good quality materials.

Wave 1:10 Deunan Knute


Deunan has plenty of joints, 20 of them all together counting the double jointed knee and elbow joints as one. She does not have a waist joint, but rather a chest joint on a double ball allowing her to roll and twist to give a wide range of movement. Her shoulders are free to move in all directions, except her shoulder pads will incessantly come off and drive you nuts. On her biceps, she has swivel joints which allow her arms to rotate in and out, this would have also been useful on her thighs, but alas.

  • Wave Deunan Knute aiming her assault rifle
  • Wave Deunan Knute kneeling shot!
  • Wave Deunan Knute kick (with assistance from revoltech stand)
  • Wave Deunan Knute draws her blade
  • Wave Deunan Knute and her partner Briareos ready for mission
  • Wave Deunan Knute saved by her lover Briareo


Nothing to fault with the paint job at all, although the figure is mostly dark grey in colour, there are still parts which required intricate paint detailing such as the face area, metal clips on the uniform and edging highlight on the shoulder pads and chest piece. There was only one print present on the toy, and that is the ES.W.A.T badge on her left shoulder. The quality of the print is so good it is still readable!

  • Wave Deunan Knute face paint detail
  • Wave Deunan Knute hair paint detail
  • Wave Deunan Knute back armour paint detail
  • Wave Deunan Knute front armour paint detail
  • Wave Deunan Knute ES.W.A.T badge print detail
  • Wave Deunan Knute assault rifle scope paint detail


Here’s Deunan with her Hot Toys Snap Kit counter-part for size comparison. I’ve also included a shot of Deunan with Movie Realization Batman and Briareos for size comparison. You can see that they are pretty much in scale, and look great displayed together!

  • Wave Deunan Knute vs Hot Toy Snap Kit Deunan
  • SIC Batman vs Wave Deunan Knute vs Wave Hechatonchires


This is a great figure to have if you are a collector of 7” figures (such as myself). This figure is especially great to have if you also happen to have the Briareos toy, it’s not quite as good as the Briareos toy, but it really completes the “set” in my opinion. Prices are pretty steep at the moment, but you can still find them for just over their original RRP, all you have to do is look and wait!

Happy hunting and thanks again for reading!

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    jgH6aS I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

  • First Wave Deunan I received, the left arm fell off right out of the box. The replacement arrived… and the ball joint for the right hand broke off while trying to change to one of the spare hands, within an hour of having opened the box for the first time. After seeing that you also had a hand break off, I’d say this toy is a very “buyer beware” proposition, and a risky expense due it just being waaaay too fragile. So sad and disappointed; crazy glued the gun hand with the ball joint stem onto the broken wrist nub. $110 figure that I don’t dare touching. Meh… :) Nice review though! Recently started checking your site out and it’s very well done.

    • hi J.S, thanks for dropping by and your kind words! I didn’t actually have any breakages on this toy, only the shoulder pads falling off from time to time. This is quite an expensive toy for what it is I have to agree so its really for the most hardcore fans in my opinion…

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