Shin Getter 1 SG-02 Limited Edition

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[Photo Review] Name: Shin Getter 1
Manufacturer: Aoshima
Line: Shin Seiki Gokin [新世紀合金] SG-02
Designer: Ken Ishikawa
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast
Release: 2001

Shin Seiki Gokin Getter 1 Full Mantle SG-18

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Firstly, Happy New Years everyone, welcome to the first review of 2011 here at TBC!! During one of HLJ’s sales a couple of months back, I acquired this guy at well under half the price. He was never on my list of things to…

Anime Export Shin Getter 1 SG-20 Weathering W-Wing Ver.

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The word “gokin (合金)”, literally meaning “alloy”, has been flung around too easily on a lot of modern day toys. Toys with only a few metal bits and pieces, a metal screw here and there, or one lone metal joint have…