Asuka-MPL96 Taisyo (TV Version)

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[Photo Review] Name: Asuka-MPL96 Taisyo Manufacturer: CM’s Line: Sculptor: Designer: Scale: Non-scale Material: PVC Release: Oct 2007 Original Price: ¥5,000 (approx. $66AUD / $64USD)…

Type-J9 Griffon Labor [Flight Unit Ver.]

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I know I’m about 4 year late with this review, but I only recently got back into Patlabors and acquired this guy on my last trip to Japan earlier this year. I have to say, this has quickly become one of my favourite pieces in…

Brave Gohkin EX Dark Legioss ダークレギオス

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Whenever I see something that is the black/dark version of something else, I always imagine it to be cooler than the original. In this case, it’s no exception. Dark Legioss is the stealth version of the three-form…