Predator Two Pack – Berserker & City Hunter Predator (Masked ver.)

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City Hunter – One of the youngest members of the Lost tribe, the city Hunter arrives on earth during a record heat wave in Los Angeles, CA. He has been sent on a mission by the Elder to acquire…

Neca Predators Series 2: Tracker, Berserker, Classic

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Series 2 of Neca Predators from the “Predators” movie includes, Tracker Predator, unmasked Berserker Predator and a wounded masked Classic Predator. For more info check out my review of the Series 1…

Neca Predators Series 1: Falconer, Berserker, Classic

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Predator is a fictional alien species that specialize in the trophy hunting of dangerous species for training and sports, this includes humans as well as Aliens from the Alien franchise. Predators are characterized by their huge…