Super Robot Chogokin

Super Robot Chogokin Anti-Gurren Lagann

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Anti-Gurren Lagann made it’s first official appearance on the 5th of April 2012 in “Super Robot Wars ZII” as a part of the 20th anniversary of the “Super Robot Wars” series. Anti-Gurren Lagann is piloted by Simon, and it represents…

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL

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This review has been in the works for some time but I’ve finally found time to finish it off. Thanks to Ken at Toy-wave I was able to get it at a reasonable price, and it’s one of my favourite pieces in my collection! Mazinkaizer…

Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar & Victory Set 1

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GaoGaiGar is a great combining super robot anime series which I absolutely love. Sure the obligatory combining sequence in every episode can become a bit repetitive but the storyline is intriguing and the…