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The Avengers Movie Series Hulk – Walmart Exclusive

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As I much as I love intricately engineered and constructed Japanese toys, sometimes nothing beats a big solid plastic US action figure! I give you, the Hulk! This particular version of the Hulk is based on the 2012 live action…

Iron Man 2: Iron Man MKVI Walmart Exclusive

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While I’m still in the mood for Iron Man, I thought I might as well review the Hasbro MKVI suit. At first, I wasn’t really interested in this particular figure but after reviewing War Machine and seeing all the improvements Hasbro has…

Iron Man 2: War Machine Walmart Exclusive

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If you thought the Iron Man suit was cool, then you’ve gotta love the War Machine suit. Yes, it is based on a modified Mark II suit so it’s probably not nearly as powerful as Iron Man, but it has a sh*t load of…